Issue 10

Dear Parent/ Caregivers

The last few weeks of term 3 have been extremely busy, with numerous events taking place. Each of these events provides opportunities for our students to enhance their learning and improve their life skills.

Formula 1 (F1) in Schools

A highlight for this term is the trip to Singapore for the Dawn F1 team, which consisting of three of our formula 1 in schools’ students: Kahlan Mashford, Mason Green and Olivia May along with their teacher, Mr Karl Read. They travelled to Singapore to represent our school in the world Championships. It was a privilege to accompany the students and witness their amazing work.  Overall, the students ranked 25th out of 68 teams which qualified for the championships. They had the 11th fastest car and were in the top three for the sustainability of their enterprise.  This a great achievement of which can all be very proud of.

Congratulations are also in order to the Blaze Racing Team, consisting of Ewan Enthoven, Ryan King, Hayden Mesecke and Bowie Morgan, who competed in the State championships and came second overall.  This a fantastic achievement for the students.  

A big thank you to Mr. Karl Read, our F1 teacher, who has supported the students not only during their lessons but put countless hours after school and on weekends to prepare them for the competitions. Also, a very big thank you to Steve and Kate Read, who have volunteered their time and also put a huge amount of time in supporting the students.

Pedal Prix

Once again, our Pedal Prix students competed in the 24-hour race at Murray Bridge.  Congratulations to the all-girls senior group who came second overall and the boys’ junior team who finished third overall.

Thank you to all the parents who supported the students by visiting them at Murray Bridge and cheering them on. Thank you to Fast Cats Racing for their continuous support of our students and Pedal Prix.  Thank you also to Mr Wayne Ferguson, Ms Lyn Gibbins and Mr Ron Gibbins for their planning and organising of the event.

Year 9 Debating

On Monday 25 September, over 30 Year 9 students participated in whole day Debating Tournament.  The event was part of the Debating Unit of work which all English students participated in term 3. Each teacher nominated their top debaters for the event and students were allocated to teams and competed against each other.

Member of Newland, Olivia Savvas opened the event. She spoke of her love for debating and her experience as debater while at school.

Congratulations to Ms Kristina Palmer for this great new initiative and a very big thank you to her for the planning and  organising the event.

Street Smart High

Year 11s and 12s attended “Street Smart High” in Week 10 at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. This program is aimed at senior secondary students and educates them about the choices they make when getting into a vehicle, either as a driver or passenger. Students saw simulated crash scenes showing the range of emergency services personnel and processes involved when an accident occurred.

Leaders’ Reflection

On Thursday 28 September Curriculum and Learning Environment Leaders met to reflect on their work, celebrate their achievements thus far, and openly acknowledge the challenges they had faced.  They also discussed what changes they will make to enhance their work and what their next steps.

Valedictory Assembly

I reminder to all Year 12 parents that our year 12 Valedictory assembly will be held on Thursday 31 October. I am looking forward to seeing many of you there to help celebrate the achievements of our Year 12 students.

Enjoy the rest of your break and we can't wait to see everyone all refreshed for a jam packed Term 4!

Ms Costa


You can view our calendar on the website by following the link or you can alternatively you can download a PDF version here.
Please note that the PDF version may change and new events may occur within the term.

Australian Space Discovery Centre excursion 

On the 7th of September, the class of 702 went to the Australian Space Discovery Centre. We travelled via the O-Bahn to the city where we walked past the University of Adelaide to the Space Discovery Centre. While there, a presentation was given about the importance of satellites and how they work. As a class, we had to brainstorm about why we would need to measure surface temperatures across Australia and how it could be used to benefit society. In small groups, we then had to design a satellite, find the right rocket, include the right parts and components, and present our designs to the rest of the class. There were also many fun interactives to play around with at the Space Gallery including a game to use lasers to shoot down space junk, holograms and a device to track satellites in real time. We could even control a robotic arm to discover what could be found on the surface of Mars!

Written by Evan Lewis
Student of 702

MHS Royal Show Art Entries

This year we selected fewer works for entry in the Royal Adelaide Show Junior Art, Craft and Design competition and we still came away with an amazing 12 merits! We will be presenting the winning students with their medals in an assembly very soon. 

Year 11 Drug Education Seminar 

On Monday September 18th, as part of the Student Life Program, our Year 11 cohort participated in a drug education seminar, run by Tom’s Reynolds from Independent Drug Education Australia. Tom’s presentation was highly engaging, here are some comments from the Year 11 students about what they learnt from this session: 

“I was amazed to see just how many people are impacted by drugs and alcohol. Seeing numbers and statistics is one thing, but when you get to see pictures of people who were impacted is really eye opening.” 

“Always call for support no matter the situation, human lives matter more.” 

“The effects of drugs and alcohol on people and the lack of awareness surrounding alcohol deaths.” 

“It made me think about how doing things like drugs doesn't just affect your life. It affects people around you too.” 

A big thank you to Ms. Lauren Freeth, who organised this excellent opportunity for our young people. 

Ms O'Brien-Dent
Year 11 & 12 Leader

Brass Blast

For the first time at MHS, and in the state, our IM teachers ran the inaugural ‘Brass Blast’ workshop for middle school brass players.  

In week six, we were happy to welcome young musicians to our school from around the Adelaide metro area and from as far away as Mount Barker High School. With the support of senior MHS Music students and IM staff from other schools, the group prepared several pieces for a performance to parents before the lunch break. 

Events like this are only possible thanks to the hard work of our Brass teacher, Mr. Heinjus, who organised the workshop and Mrs. Paul helping make sure the day was a success.  

Thank you to all involved for taking part in a new experience for MHS and South Australia. 

Mr Budd
Music Teacher

Celebrating Success: The Triumph of Year 9's Debating Royale

I am thrilled to share the resounding success of this year's Year 9 Debating Royale, a dazzling showcase of young talent, teamwork, and persuasive prowess. The event brought together six classes, each comprising five dedicated students, who fervently engaged in three exhilarating debates. The result? A genuinely smashing success that demonstrated the power of collaboration, critical thinking, and public speaking skills.

The Debating Royale occurred in the school's Amphitheatre on Monday, September 25th. The students had a week to prepare and articulate their stances on various thought-provoking topics ardently. Thanks to the hard work, determination, and guidance of our teachers, parents, and, most importantly, our exceptional students, it was an impressive spectacle.

One of the hallmarks of the Debating Royale was the emphasis on teamwork. With only one week to prepare three distinct debates, our young debaters relied on each other and worked tirelessly to formulate compelling arguments. But the spirit of cooperation didn't stop there; the entire year level came together to work within their respective classes to help their teams develop the debates, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among our students.

Amidst the spirited competition, Ms Palmer's Year 9 English Class emerged victorious, showcasing their exceptional debating skills and unwavering determination. Their eloquent arguments and persuasive rhetoric left an indelible mark on judges and spectators. Congratulations to this outstanding team for their well-deserved victory.

A heartfelt round of applause also goes to Ms Benias' Year 9 Class for their impressive performance, earning them the well-deserved title of runners-up. Their dedication and tenacity were on full display throughout the competition.

In addition to recognising the outstanding teams, we also celebrated individual excellence. Kash Saxena was awarded the title of Best Speaker of the Day for her exceptional communication skills and ability to captivate the audience. Rylen Hay received the honour of Most Commendable for his dedication and contributions to the event.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the Year 9 Debating Royale. Special appreciation goes to Olivia Savva’s, Member of Parliament, for her inspiring speech on the benefits of public speaking and to Latisha Wilson for her Acknowledgment of Country. A big thank you is also owed to Sybil Lee, my student teacher, for her exemplary organisational skills, greatly assisting me in orchestrating this remarkable event. Ms. Paraskevas also deserves recognition for her invaluable assistance with adjudicating.

Reflecting on this year's Debating Royale, I am proud of the incredible talent and determination displayed by the Year 9 students. Their commitment to honing their public speaking skills and engaging in thoughtful discourse is commendable.

Once again, thank you to the entire Modbury School community for your unwavering support, and congratulations to all the participants for making the Year 9 Debating Royale an unqualified success. I look forward to witnessing our budding debaters' continued growth and success

Year 9 Debating Royale Winning Team
1.       Jacob Mills
2.       Jess Freebairn
3.       Jason Johnson
4.       Kayla Skurrie
5.       Brooklyn Harris
Year 9 Debating Royale Runners Up1.       Rylen Hay
2.       Ethan King
3.       Peter McMillan
4.       Olivia Wighton
5. Tom Whistler
Year 9 Debating Royale Best Speaker of the Day
Kash Saxena
Year 9 Debating Royale Most CommendableRylen Hay

Ms Kristina Palmer
English Coordinator

Congratulations Caitlin!

Congratulations to Caitlin Fraser (Year 11) on her recent recognition as winner of the City of Tea Tree Gully Youth Achievement Awards - Peer Choice Award. She was also runner up for the Everyday Hero Award.

Wonderful recognition of your work Caitlin!!


Mrs Woolford
Year 11 & 12 Assistant Principal

Street Smart High Excursion 

On Tuesday and Wednesday 19th / 20th of September, all of the Year 11 and 12 students attended the RAA Street Smart High event at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Students heard from a range of presenters, including crash survivors, and family members of crash victims. Students witnessed a live re-enactment of a crash scene, with emergency services volunteers demonstrating the harsh realities of road crashes to our young people. Year 12 student, Alex Walsh, participated in a game of wheelchair basketball with students from other schools, where he did MHS and the ‘North of the River’ team proud, scoring numerous goals and showing excellent sportsmanship. Feedback from the students was extremely positive and the event has certainly made them consider their attitudes toward being safe road users! The students should be very proud of how they conducted themselves during the event, supervising staff commented on the exemplary behaviour displayed by our year 11 students. 

Flinders University Open Day Excursion

On Friday, August 11th, Year 12 students ventured to the Flinders University Bedford Park campus Open Day. Students attended various sessions based on their fields of consideration for future study. They also participated in several interactive activities in different areas of study, from changing nappies at the midwifery stall to printmaking at the creative arts station! Students commented on the usefulness of this experience in helping them decide on pathways beyond school. Many also remarked on the scale of the university campus and how great it was to be immersed in 'Uni life' for a day, which opened their eyes to future possibilities.

Year 11 P.A.R.T.Y. Program 

On Thursday, September 7th, a group of Year 11 students attended the P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol & Risk-related Trauma in Youth) Program at Flinders Medical Centre. This eye-opening experience began with a presentation about risk-related trauma statistics, followed by the re-enactment of a scenario in which the students took on the roles of a trauma and intensive care team to follow a fictional patient through the hospital process in the aftermath of a road crash. Students were highly engaged, with many commenting on how learning about the range of hospital staff roles made them want to work in the medical field in the future. Following this, students heard from hospital occupational and physiotherapists, as well as other key rehabilitation staff, about the realities of recovering from risk-related trauma. They participated in a range of activities to reinforce the challenges that many crash victims face in their everyday lives. Additionally, students heard from a crash survivor, learning about the physical and mental challenges of life following such an event. 

Year 12 Graduation 

In addition to the Valedictory Assembly, the class of 2023 has initiated and is planning the first Modbury High School graduation event, which will be held upon the conclusion of Year 12 exams. Save the date of Thursday, November 16th. The event will run from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm, beginning with a ceremony, followed by a casual celebration on the oval with wood oven pizzas, drinks, and music. Ticketing information and more details will be sent out to families in the coming days. Our graduation committee has been fundraising to assist with the costs of the event, with a successful bake sale in Week 9, and a water balloon throw event taking place on the last day of term. If there are any parents who wish to assist with the planning and running of this event, please email

2024 Year 12 Retreat

A highly motivated group of Year 11 students initiated and presented a proposal for the first-ever Modbury High School Year 12 Retreat, to be held over three days in early Term 1 of 2024. The committee is in the early stages of planning this event and has engaged some excellent community partners to ensure a program that will support our Year 12 students with a strong start to their final year of schooling. We are proud of the initiative shown by this group of students and look forward to sharing more information with our 2024 Year 12 students and their families very soon!  

Year 12 SVC 

The Year 12 Student Voice Council has been busy this term, organising two 'belly baseball tournaments' and, more recently, a Year 10-12 social lunchtime basketball tournament. Their initiative and drive to engage their peers positively in activities to make their schooling journey more enjoyable are commendable. We are fortunate to have a proactive Year 12 SVC team, and it has been great to see them develop a range of skills in planning events, conducting meetings, and collaborating with various people within our school community. 

Ms O'Brien-Dent
Year 11 & 12 Leader

We believe in a culture of achievement in a respectful and rigorous learning environment