Issue 6 2023

Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

I am excited to share with you a recap of the events that unfolded have occurred over the past few weeks at our school.

Year 12 Formal

I am delighted to share the success of the year 12 formal, held on Friday 29 May. The evening was truly a memorable occasion, filled with lots of laughter and fun. The students looked amazing in their beautiful dresses and suits.  It was pleasing to see the close connections the students have built with their classmates and their teachers and the fun that they were all having together.

A very big thank you to Year Level Leader Madelin O’ Brien Dent, Ms Caitlin Thomas, Mr David Atterton (who emceed for the night) and the formal committee for their outstanding planning and organisation. Big thank you Terriann for the incredible photography on the night. Thank you also to all the year 12 teachers who attended the evening and joined the year 12 students to celebrate this very important milestone.

Student Forums

The final student forum took place on Monday 5 June. The feedback from students has been collated and will be shared with staff during our next meeting. This feedback as well as the parent feedback will be incorporated in our teaching and learning agreement which we hope to have finalised by the end of term 4.

Year 11 Exams

Year 11 exams will be taking place in week 8. An exam roster has been provided to the students. You will find a copy of the roster at the end of this newsletter. 

Exams provide students with the opportunity to evaluate their understanding and knowledge of the subject. As well exams allow students to demonstrate their abilities, consolidate their learning and showcase their academic progress. Additionally at Modbury High school exam results are used to determine students’ ability to continue with a given subject in the following year. For a student to be eligible to continue to study a particular subject the following year they must achieve C+ or above in their exam and term grades.

Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 work experience will be taking place in week 8. The expectation is that all year 10 students will participate in work experience. By now every student should have secured a work experience placement.

Participating in work experience is very important for students as it offers them an insight into the world of work. Engaging in work experience helps students to gain valuable industry specific skills and is very important, as it offers them an insight into the world of work.

Reminder that Monday is a Public Holiday and Tuesday is a Student Free Day. We hope you have a wonderful and safe long weekend.

Ms Costa

Year 12 Formal

The evening of Friday, May 26th, saw our Year 12 students unite for their much-anticipated Senior Formal. An excellent night unfolded, filled with great food, entertainment, and dancing. 

Throughout the last 2 terms, the formal committee devoted much time and energy into planning and fundraising, ensuring a memorable event at Glen Ewin Estate. Their hard work paid off, as the venue brilliantly mirrored the chosen theme of an 'Enchanted Forest.' 

The students, looking their absolute best, made memories with their peers and teachers. These moments were captured by our talented photographer, Terriann - we extend our thanks to Terriann for once again volunteering her time! The photo booth was also a hit, as were the student and staff awards, adding an extra dash of fun to the night! 

We extend our congratulations to the formal committee for their efforts. The 2023 Senior Formal was a fantastic celebration where memories were made that will last a lifetime. 

Ms O'Brien-Dent
Year 11/12 Leader

School Fees Reminder

School Fees are now overdue. To avoid going to debt recovery please contact our Finance Office to make payment arrangements. Reminder to those who are eligible to complete your school card application if you haven't already done so.

Please disregard this reminder if you have paid or have already spoke to the Finance Office for arrangements.

Year 11 Road Awareness program

On Monday, May 15th, our Year 11 students participated in the Road Awareness Program, a crucial initiative from the Metropolitan Fire Service. The program educated the students on road safety, focusing on the importance of avoiding risk-taking behaviours and understanding the potential consequences of their actions while on the road. 

The students also heard the impactful story of a crash survivor, highlighting the challenges that can follow such a traumatic event. Feedback from the students indicated that they found the presentation both relatable and informative. 

Here are some comments from our Year 11 participants: 

"As confronting as it was, it was beneficial and necessary."  

"It was really impactful to consider how the risks you take affect not only yourself but a lot of people." 

"This program helps teach the harsh reality of life and makes us think about our driving." 

"The program leaves a memorable impact. By educating younger generations, we can help make the roads safer over time." 

"This program opened my eyes to how dangerous driving can be. It was fantastic, thank you." 

It's worth noting that the behaviour of the Year 11 students during the presentation was commendable, showing maturity and engagement. This significant experience has undoubtedly equipped our students with essential knowledge for their journey on the road. Well done to all who participated! 

Ms O'Brien-Dent
Year 11/12 Leader

our little visitor in the japanese garden

Recently a Southern Boobook Owl, the smallest of Australia's owls, spent the day in one of the trees in the school's garden quadrangle and allowed us a rare view of this nocturnal bird. Despite being very common across their range, due to their habit of roosting quietly out of the way it is unusual to see them during daylight. A very special experience for those lucky enough to see this charming visitor.

Pedal Prix - Tailem Bend 1

Our Success Continues.

On the Saturday of 20th of May five teams from Modbury High - Cheetah, Pink Panther, Lynx, Puma and Serval, competed in the Tailem Bend 6 hour Pedal Prix race. Many of us met at the shed at 6:00am and travelled to The Bend on the bus, supplied by Adelaide Coachlines, leaving at 6.15am and arrived at our campsite at 7.55 am.  This was possible due to Fast Cats Racing people who had travelled down early on Friday, had the bikes scrutineered and then arrived at the race track at 6:00am to set the pits up. This support was invaluable.  

After arrival we had a snack and then helped finish setting up. At 10.00am it started. Four of our trikes performed almost without problem, but Pink Panther had a few mechanical problems, which dropped it down in its class. As the race progressed we had a couple of flat tyres and good rider changes . The students’ all performed well.  

At 4.00 pm the race finished with some good results. Pink Panther, which did the race with only 6 riders, came 3rd in its category, beating some much bigger teams, and Lynx came a commendable 7th. All our other trikes finished in the top half of their class. There were many new riders who were unsure about what racing required but they all rode well. The new riders improved as their ride progressed and those that had a second ride, showed they were learning and progressing.  This continues our successful start at Mt Gambier and holds us in good stead for the next race at Victoria Park race track on the 18th June.  

We need to thank our supporters and sponsors – Fast Cats Racing for all their work and tireless support. Adelaide Coachlines through their sponsorship which really helps with our travel and costs. Also my co-teacher Lyn Gibbins (Catering manager) and all the parents and volunteers who travelled all that way to help the event be a success.  

Wayne Ferguson 

(Pedal Prix Coordinator) 

Born to Build – an emersion activity for Year 10 students 

On Tuesday the 6th of June, Ryan Palmer from Master Builders Association came to school to talk to some of our interested Year 10 students about the trade industry. He outlined all the different opportunities available to students and the best way to go about working towards a career in the industry. Students got to hear firsthand the skills they will need to be successful in a trade. Ryan highlighted the importance of learning, understanding and applying trigonometry in the trade industry which received a mixed response from the students attending the workshop. At the end of the information session students participated in building a model house in small groups. It was great to see the engagement and enthusiasm demonstrated. They all left with big smiles on their face as they were gifted with a tradie pencil of their very own. 

For more information about Born to Build and what they offer, visit their website 

Ms Freeth
Year 9/10 and Flexible Learning Leader.


Year 7/8 Boys and Girls Basketball 5 on 5 Carnival

On the 9th May in Term 2, Modbury High School entered 4 boys teams and 2 girls teams with Year 7/8 students into a 5 on 5 Basketball Carnival in our North-East Vista Zone.

Across the day, 28 boys and 13 girls participated in short games against opposing schools.

Our first team played very well across most games, winning all pool games except one, losing to Banksia Park 18-5. Making the semi final on a head to head points spread to split a tie, Modbury High School’s other 3 teams all had mixed success throughout the day with some wins, losses and some incredible efforts by players. Teams were coached by Year 9 students as part of their Sports Specialist subject.

During games we had some excellent cheer squads for our teams with the energy from supporting players helping teams lift their energy in games.

Year 7 Boys were the loudest and best cheer squad throughout the day.
Keilana Glaetzer shoots from the Free Throw line in a game versus Valley View Secondary School.
The Grand Final winning Year 7/8 Boys team.
From Left to Right: Izaak Conry, Hunter Powell-King, Seth Spasojevic, Seb Borges, Harry Cox, Kruz Wilson, Logan Ashman. Coach: Nethula Dissanayake.

Year 7/8/9 Boys 9-a-side Football Carnival

On Tuesday 16th May over 30 boys playing in 3 teams participated in a 9-a-side football carnival. Each of the three teams had mixed success but all having some fun and key highlights across the day.

With 2 teams entered into the Year 9/10 competition and a team entered into the Year 7/8 competition, all players had opportunity to participate and contribute. The teams entered into the Year 9/10 competition included just 1 year 10, Tyson Hollit, but were filled with year 9’s and year 8’s who were willing to challenge the bigger and stronger year 10 players in our opposition teams.

Rahand Hashim (Year 9) Kicks a goal.
Year 8 Players (from left Adam Kilpatrick, Harry Cox, Mitchell Fussen, Lachlan Mackie) celebrate Year 9 student Rahand Hashim kicking a Goal.

Year 7/8/9 Boys Netball Carnival

On Wednesday 31st May, Modbury High entered 2 teams into the Year 7/8/9 Netball Carnival. With both teams playing in opposing pools, the

Team 1 – Overall winners beating Banksia Park in a closely contested Grand Final.

Modbury High School Year 7/8/9 Boys Grand Final Team.
Pictured from left: Mr Jarrad (Coach)
Back Left to Right: Seb Borges, Nick Davie, Chase Grant-Allan, Kade Monteleone, Amerson Green
Front Left to Right: Alex Dinedios, Harry Cox, Josh Louen-Robertson, Brock White, Nash O’Neill-Bergen

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