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Students with specific learning needs are supported.

  • Students who have diagnosed literacy needs (e.g. low NAPLAN results) are offered support programs.
  • Students from a non-English speaking background have access to English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) courses. They can also receive personalised help from Bilingual School Support Officers.
  • Students have access to our Learning Support program.

Students are offered alternative courses to enable them to complete their education.

  • The Flexible Learning Options (FLO) program gives young people the chance to successfully complete school and get the qualifications they need for employment.

Students wishing to pursue vocational pathways are able to access programs whilst still at school.

  • All students undertake Work Experience in year 10 and have the option of doing so at year 11.
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses are available to senior students.
  • Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBA) allow students to study for SACE and at the same time commence and/or complete a nationally recognised vocational training qualification. The compulsory SACE subjects combined with VET provides students an opportunity to complete their SACE.