Important Dates

Monday 22 July | Student Free Day
Tuesday 23 July
| School Recommences
Friday 6 September | School Closure
Friday 27 September | Term 3 concludes

For more Term 3 Calendar dates: download the pdf version here

Principals Address

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome to our last newsletter for Term 2. Reflecting back to the start of this term, I am very pleased with all the achievements by our students and staff over this very busy and packed term.

Year 11 and 12 Exams
The mid-year exams for Year 11 and 12 students took place during Weeks 8 and 9. The exam results for Year 11 students will determine their eligibility to continue with the subject in Year 12. For most subjects, students will need to achieve a grade of C+ or higher. Year 12 exam results provide students with an indication of their understanding of the concepts taught and highlight any areas needing attention in preparation for their final exams.

On Friday, 28th of June, students from the Special Options and Pathway classes, with the support of the Governing Council Chair, Mr Martin Crabb, their teachers, and SSOs worked tirelessly to transform an unattractive strip of land into a beautiful garden bed. It was delightful to see the students’ excitement and genuine pleasure in planting and working together. A heartfelt thank you to Mr. Martin Crabb, all the teachers, and SSOs for not only supervising the students but also for being excellent role models by actively participating.

End of Term Reports
A reminder that the Term 2 end-of-term reports will be published on Daymap today. I encourage you to discuss your child's results with them and to reflect on their achievements together. Support them in considering strategies to improve their grades for Term 3, which is particularly important for Year 12 students.

Subject Selection and Parent-Teacher Interviews
Subject selection and student led conferences will take place on Tuesday 20th August.  Starting in Week 2, during home group sessions, all students will work with their home group teachers to start exploring subject selections for the following year.  As part of this process, students will spend time considering various careers and subjects that may be relevant to their interests.  For students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 12 as well as considering subjects for the following years, they will spend time reflecting on their learning and complete a presentation which they will share with their parents on the day. More information about the process and how to book a time for selection and the presentations will be sent home early in Term 3.

Modbury High School says farewell to Mr Tim Hankin, Mrs Mary Fisher and Mrs Helen Thomas who after many years of teaching have decided to retire. Over the years they have supported many students and staff and I am sure will be missed by the Modbury High School community.   

We also farewell Mr James Dundon has been successful in winning a leadership position at another school and has commenced in his new role at the start of the semester. Mr Dundon has led the Science faculty for many years and supported the implementation of the STEM program at the school.  He too will be missed by his students and colleagues.

Ms Nianix Li, who has been with us replacing Mrs Kanter while on leave, is also leaving at the end of this term. We wish her all the best for the future and thank her for supporting our students.

Wishing everyone a relaxing, restful and happy holiday.
We will see you all back here all refreshed for another term on Tuesday 23rd July.

Ms Joanne Costa

Charlotte Bland representing both South Australia and Australia at Rifle Shooting

Modbury High School Year 11 student Charlotte Bland has had a busy start to 2024 representing both South Australia and Australia at Rifle Shooting.

In January Charlotte was selected to attend a Junior Air Rifle Tour of Austria and Germany where she competed in 4 competitions. Charlotte went on to win The Meyton Cup in Austria where there was a field of 50 competitors.

February saw Charlotte compete at the first Australian Olympic selection trial in Sydney where she shot a new Personal best Score and finished in first place.

In March she shot at the National Championships in Brisbane and came away with 1st place in Women’s 10m Air Rifle, 50m Junior prone and State teams Air Rifle.

Charlotte was then selected to represent Australia at the ISSF Final Olympic Qualification Championship in Rio, Brazil. She finished 79th Individually and 18th in Mixed pairs. This was the final domestic selection shoot for the Olympic Games in Paris and Charlotte finished in first place for the Australian leaderboard.

9 days after returning from Brazil she again represented Australia at the ISSF World Cup in Baku, Azerbaijan, finishing 69th Individually and 26th in mixed pairs.

Then in May Charlotte attended a World Cup in Munich, Germany, which was the final opportunity to qualify for the Olympic games and an extremely large competition with 148 women competing in the Air Rifle, Charlotte managed 90th Individually and came 35th in the mixed pairs.

Charlotte’s goal for the remainder of 2024 is to compete at the Junior World Championship in Lima, Peru later in the year. Good Luck Charlotte! We are so proud of you and will be cheering you when you are in Peru!

Day of Gardening – Special Options and Pathways classes. 

Friday morning, 28th June, members of our Special Options and Pathways classes met with an expert landscaper to learn how to set up a garden. After a safety briefing and planning session, we set to work moving 6 tons of organic dirt and 8 cubic metres of mulch. 

We learned about designing gardens, laying drip feed water pipe, spacing colourful plants, and layering dirt and mulch. Mr Martin Crabb shared his passion as he taught us about design and the processes to follow to complete a garden from scratch. We used shovels, forks, buckets, wheelbarrows, blowers, and our gloved hands to create a beautiful space from a barren garden bed. 

It was great to work as a team to complete the whole job in one day, with the weather threatening to turn on us into the afternoon. To celebrate, we enjoyed some hot chips from a local store and viewed part of a movie related to the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which we finished reading earlier this term. 

A huge thank you to Martin for his passionate expertise, Ms Costa for allowing us to show what we can do, and for helping on the shovel when she could, the staff and students of the Special Options and Pathways classes. Watch this space as we continue to work towards a few more projects in our various programs. 

SA Refugee Week

Congratulations to Year 8 student, Benika Kaundal, who has won third place in the secondary school category for the SA Refugee Week Youth Poster Awards! Benika’s work was one of 85 selected to exhibit from 340 entries and 55 schools. 

Benika was invited to attend the exhibition launch today and to receive her award & prize. 

“The artwork represents an Australia welcoming people and refugees from other countries with open hands. It shows the diversity of multi-cultures coming to Australia, adapting to new change, contributing towards the Australian community, and feeling as if they belong” – Benika Kaundal 

SA Refugee Week is led by the Australian Migrant Resource Centre over 16th-22nd June and offers a range of programs, events and activities celebrating and connecting the refugee community with established communities. 

Careers and Employment Expo winner - Sienna

While attending the Careers and Employment Expo this year organised by Ms Stamati for the Year 10 students. one of our students, Sienna, entered the competition that was running at the Expo. The competition encouraged students to engage and have conversations with several Automotive exhibitors about potential career pathways in the industry. The competition card said “The more stickers you collect the greater your chance of winning multiple prizes”. Dr Katerin Berniz, Pathways Advisor Schools Support notified Ms Costa and Ms Stamati one off our students had won multiple prizes including the first prize. As below.

“I’m very happy to announce that Sienna Peck was the diligent student who did this and as a result, has become the ‘first prize winner’. 

The first prize is a voucher for V8 Front Seat Hot Laps at Mallala Motorsport Park   +  Sienna also won a $100 Repco Voucher!

Congratulation Sienna! 

Lara Somfai

Congratulations to former Modbury High School student Lara Somfai for winning a gold medal at the u18 basketball Asia Cup this week. Lara was placed in the all-star 5 for the competition for her excellent play throughout the week. 

It is amazing to see the hard work and dedication that Lara has put into basketball paying off on the big stage! She is currently playing basketball in the United States, with her next stop being to College basketball. 

We wish Lara all the best with her future in basketball, and look forward to watching her grow even more as a person and a player.

Yarning circle mural story

The mural was a collaboration between Modbury High School, Modbury South Primary School and Modbury Special School. Young people came together to brainstorm ideas for the mural project. They wanted to tell the story of our journey, how each school is interconnected, walking together proudly side by side, to form a community spirit that is built on respect, safety for each other, responsibility, one that is strong in culture, strives for a positive learning attitude and acknowledges our history.

The artwork incorporates elements that were important to the three school communities.

There are many people sitting around the gathering places. Each school community is identified by the size of the people sitting. The circle to the right shows students from MSS, the next circle shows students from MSPS and the circle at the left shows students from MHS. Each school is on a journey to the middle circle that represents a meeting place where all three school communities come, sit together to share stories, knowledge and ideas, building on our strong collective spirit that will guide us into the future.

The star symbolises our ancestors watching over us, guiding us and protecting us. The shield symbolises that we are working and learning on Kaurna Country and that we recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land. The hills above symbolises strength and pride and the waters below symbolises deep feelings of community and connectiveness.

Important Dates

  • 24-28 June - Year 12 Exams
  • 26 June - Governing Council Meeting - 6:30pm
  • 1-3 July - Dental for Schools
  • 1 July - Year 11 Sammy D Foundation Presentation
  • 2 July - School Tour 3:30pm
  • 4 July - NAIDOC Assembly
  • 5 July - Term 2 Reports on Daymap, Student dismissal at 2:30pm

Principal's Address

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

The last four weeks have provided many wonderful moments and opportunities for parents and staff to witness the amazing achievements of our students.

Music Night
On Tuesday, 11th of June, the Music Department held the end-of-semester 1 Music Performance. It was an incredible event where students showcased their musical talents. The audience was treated to an array of performances from individuals, small groups, and the entire year group. What was evident through each performance was the enthusiasm, passion, and commitment of both students and teachers, and more importantly, the growth and development of the students' musical skills. Many parents expressed how proud they were of their children and how impressed they were with their performances.

A very big thank you to Mr. Budd for the overall planning and organization of the evening, and to Ms. Geszner and Mrs. Moeller for supporting Mr. Budd with the organisation. Thank you to the instrumental music teachers, Ms. L Sheridan, Mr. Heinjus, and Mr. Duncan, for supporting the students on the night and preparing them for their concert. We also extend our thanks to all the instrumental music teachers who, although unable to attend the evening, supported the students in their preparations for the concert.

Drama Performance
On Wednesday, 12th of June, the Year 9 drama students performed for their parents and students from neighbouring schools, Ardtornish and Modbury South primary schools. They performed “The True Story of Jack and the Beanstalk,” which is an adaptation that adds a comic element to the traditional fairy tale. According to feedback from the audience, the performance was very entertaining and kept everyone engaged throughout.

Thank you to the staff and students from Ardtornish and Modbury South primary schools for attending the performance. A special thanks to Mr. Swain for his enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to the drama students, always striving to provide them with an authentic learning experience.

Year 12 Formal
The Year 12 formal took place on Friday, 14th of June, at Glen Ewin Estate. The evening was filled with fun and highlighted the close connections students have developed with their classmates and teachers. Ms. O’Brien Dent, who is currently on leave, surprised the students with a personal message read out by Mrs. Woolford. The Year 12 formal committee, with the support of Mrs. Woolford, Mr. Agalidis, Mr. Price, and Ms. Thomas, did an outstanding job, ensuring everything ran smoothly. The student and teacher awards kept everyone entertained, and the hall was filled with laughter as each award was announced. Students enjoyed the music and dancing.

A very big thank you to the Formal Committee, Ms. Woolford, Ms. O’Brien Dent, Ms Thomas, Mr Price, the year 12 homegroup and subject teachers for supporting the students in planning and organizing the event. Thank you also to all the staff who attended that evening. A special thank you to Mrs. Terriann Dearden for once again documenting the event with her exceptional skills as a photographer.

Pedal Prix
Pedal Prix students, with the support of Fast Cats, participated in the Victoria Park Pedal Prix race which took place on Sunday the 16th of June. As always, the students had lots of fun. A big thank you to Mrs. Hanlin and Mr. Ferguson for planning and organising the event. Thank you also to Fast Cats Racing for their ongoing support.

Attendance at School
I would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the importance of regular school attendance and its benefits to student learning and success.

Regular school attendance is crucial for student success, as it directly impacts academic achievement and social development. Consistent attendance ensures that students stay engaged with the curriculum, participate in essential classroom discussions, and develop a sense of responsibility and discipline. Moreover, students who attend school regularly are more likely to build strong relationships with their peers and teachers, fostering a supportive learning environment. As parents, encouraging and maintaining your child's regular attendance can significantly contribute to their overall educational and personal growth, setting a solid foundation for their future endeavours.

As per the Education Department and the school's attendance policy, we ask that if your child is going to be absent from school due to illness or a family reason, you contact the school and provide a reason for their absence.

Some students may not enjoy school, and at times, parents may find it difficult to get them to attend. If you are experiencing such difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our student wellbeing leaders are here to help you and support your student.

Joanne Costa

Ms Costa

Basket weaving

On Thursday 23rd May, A traditional Indigenous basket weaving workshop which was held by Marra Dreaming in the art gallery, organised by Marisa Hammer, the ASETO, alongside Ms Caitlin Brown, for a group of students. 

Traditional basket weaving goes back 10,000 years and is made by wetland grasses (such as lomandra species), lawyer cane (a spiky vine), pandanus, and black palm. Basket weaving can be used for many different things such as holding precious objects, carrying food, and nets for fishing. I found this workshop enjoyable and I'm grateful that Marra Dreaming came out and showed us the techniques passed down by the elders I wish to do this more one day.
-Dana Hammond

Year 12 Formal

Approximately 86 students and 30 staff members celebrated our Year 12 cohort at the formal at Glen Ewin Estate. This represented a culmination of months of planning by the student-led Formal Committee, who need to be congratulated for all of their efforts made in making this event a night to remember for the students. 

Many thanks also to Ms Lindsay Shire and Ms Madelin O’Brien-Dent for advising the committee along the way. 

Thanks need to go to Aidan Klose (Year 12 student) who entertained us all with his amazing DJ work. Thank you to Terriann Dearden (staff member) for taking all the amazing photographs on the night, and assisting the event photographer with the official photographs. Our official photography was actually an old scholar (2019 graduate)! 

Thankyou to Ms Cait Thomas and Mr Iain Price for MCing the night, Mr Luke Agalidis for helping me with some of the speaking and presenting of awards. 

Mrs Woolford
Assistant Principal
Curriculum / SACE 

Triple P - Positive Parenting Program | healthdirect

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is one of the most effective evidence-based parenting programs in the world, backed up by over 35 years of research. Triple P gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them build strong, healthy relationships, confidently manage their children’s behaviour and prevent problems developing.

Triple P provides a suite of interventions to parents of children from birth to 16 years. Interventions are of increasing intensity and tailored to target particular demographics or parenting groups, including parents of children with a disability, parents going through separation or divorce, parents of children who are overweight, and First Nations parents. It aims to equip parents with the skills and confidence they need to be self-sufficient and manage family issues without ongoing support.

There are many different programs from, one to one formats to discussion groups and even online formats. Please follow the link below to find the best program for you here:

Pedal Prix

Despite the cold and windy day at our Tailem Bend AIPP Round 2 race, held at The Bend Motorsport on May 18th, the riders didn’t give up and kept fighting right to the end! Lynx secured 8th place in their category, while Pink Panther finished impressively in 4th place. The competition between Cheetah, Puma, and Ocelot riders made the race exciting and competitive throughout the day. Fast Cats Racing (FCR) had a stellar performance with Top Cat taking 1st place in its category. Hell Cat and Night Cat also contributed to FCR's success with 5th and 8th place finishes respectively. Overall, it was a brilliant day of racing with notable achievements. 

Most recently, at the Victoria Park race on a sunny Sunday, the 16th of June, Pink Panther encountered an early roll over at ‘Crash Corner’, fortunately the safety of the trike kept the rider safe and able to return to compete later in the day. All our MHS riders displayed fantastic efforts, resulting in impressive lap times, with supportive, yet competitiveness, between riders. It was great to see riders motivating and encouraging each other. 
We also saw Lynx improve from 8th position at Tailem Bend to 6th spot at Victoria Park, showcasing the student's progress and determination. 
FCR's race day the day earlier, despite less fortunate weather, still managed to proceed under dry conditions. Top Cat continued its winning streak with another 1st place finish, and Hellcat added to the success with a 3rd place in its category. This highlights the strong potential for Modbury High School students to continue their Pedal Prix journey after high school, joining the competitive and successful FCR adult teams. 

Looking ahead, the focus is now on Round 4 race back at The Bend Motorsport at Tailem Bend on August 3rd. 

For any students, even those yet to start Pedal Prix, if you are looking at riding in the 24-hour Murray Bridge race in September, please speak to Jess as soon as possible. To be eligible to race in Murray Bridge, you will be required to race in at least one other race in the season prior to the 24-hour race. 

Congratulations to all participants for their efforts and achievements, and for anyone interested in joining Pedal Prix, there's still an opportunity to get involved by contacting Jess to start your Pedal Prix experience. 
Well done to everyone involved in making these events successful and memorable! 
Email for details. 

A special thanks to Sharnee at Picture It Sport Photography for the amazing photos. 

One on one support coaching service for parents and carers

For a free coaching service for parents and carers, to build on your family's strengths, create clarity and increase confidence to support your teenager through a tough time. Follow the link below.

Topics covered: School and Education, Parenting Skills, First Nation parents and carers, Culture and Identity, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Friendships and Dating, Family Relationships.

Meeting Dr Jane Goodall

In collaboration with the Commissioner for Children and Young People, and the SA SRC, I had the opportunity of participating in a video project being shown at Cleland Wildlife Park’s Inaugural Youth Voice event on Saturday June 1st. The event centred around showcasing what youth across South Australia are working on, with a focus on the environment and our hope for the future. Students in the SA SRC were tasked with answering a series of questions, their answers then strung together and shown at the event. I was lucky enough to be one of two invited out of the several participants.

However, a focus of the event was to, in part, honour Dame Dr. Jane Goodall in her 90th year around the sun and 60 years of advocacy and work. She spoke at the event, and I found her words to be truly impactful and inspiring. An excellent speaker, who I believe could have gone on forever (to my delight). Before Saturday I had recently learned of a Dr. Jane Goodall tribute LEGO set, and thought it imperative to purchase it and bring it to the event. That I did.

I had a wonderful time meeting Jane, and a wonderful time hearing from everybody at the event.

- Xavier, a year 11 student

Work Experience

This week our year 10 students have been busy at work experience. Students are working in a varity of industries to gain real world experience in their area of interest. Teachers have been busy catching up with them throughout the week to see them in action and how they are doing.

Angelica has had an interesting week, observing tooth extractions, fillings and dental hygiene practices. It is something that she has always been interested in and sent out quite a few emails before she was accepted at SA Dental. Angelica knows that she has many years of study ahead of her (and a huge HECS debt) but is still keen to pursue this career.

Amir's work experience has been at Woolworths this week where his supervisors all say that Amir has been polite and keen to learn. He has worked in various sections both on the floor and behind the scenes. He has rearranged displays, checked on Date restrictions for various items and met staff in other sections of the store. There have been discussions with management about the possibility of part-time work following his work experience so this has been a successful placement for him.

Shahanna went back to her old Primary School to see what life was like on the other side and has had a very enjoyable work experience. She has been working with individual students to support their reading and to help with assignments and has introduced an Art task to the whole class. While at Dernancourt Primary School, I also ran into a student from last year who is working as an SSO – Sienna. Our students are out in the community doing good things!

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T)

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) teaches parents and educators specific communication and conflict resolution skills to create and sustain effective and enduring relationships with children of all ages in all circumstances.

The Program:

How is P.E.T. delivered?
Online (Zoom classes) and in-person groups are available. P.E.T. can also be undertaken individually or as a couple and is always facilitated by highly skilled accredited instructors

For more information follow the link below:

Music Night

It is very exciting to share my experience of the first music night for 2024, especially being the first-ever Year 12 Music Captain at Modbury High School. As a passionate senior musician, it was truly thrilling to witness the gym packed with incredible performances from various bands. The evening not only showcased the immense talent but also the dedication of Modbury's students as they continue to grow in their musical journeys. From Year 8 beginners to Senior students finishing their school careers and hopefully taking their musical talents beyond school, everyone supported and encouraged each other throughout the night. This spirit of collaboration highlighted the hard work, creativity, and vibrant musical community we have at Modbury. It was a privilege to be part of such a memorable event. 

Crystal – Year 12 Music Captain 2024 

Year 11 RAP Session

Monday 13th May saw our Year 11 students participate in a Road Awareness Program session. It is sponsored by our Stage Government and supported by our Department for Education, and is provided by the Metropolitan Fire Service. The session provides an open and honest insight by our firefighters and service providers who work in road crash rescue situations. It provides a hard-hitting insight into road trauma.

The session was provided by MFS member Joshua Byerlee, who recounted some of his own experiences in attending road crash events, recalling statistics and providing insights from families of victims. The students were also spoken to by a crash victim who, while they survived, recalled the extensive injuries they have suffered (and continue to), the lengthy recovery and affect it has had on their family and friends.

While this information was confronting for our Year 11 students, it is meant to empower our young drivers of today and tomorrow about the risks and choosing their consequences.

Year 11 Exams and End of Semester Term 2 Week 8

Year 11 students are currently undertaking their final assessments for semester 1. Students are requiring to undertake examinations as part of their subjects – in preparation for Stage 2 subject requirements and eligibility.

Students have also reviewed their post-school pathways with respect to their semester 2 subject choices and Stage 2 potential subject pathways. This will culminate in the Subject Selection process in the middle of Term 3.

Year 12 Mid-Year Exams and Reports – Term 2 Week 9

During this year so far, Year 12 students have been receiving ongoing feedback regarding their progress through the Interim and End of Term Reports. These help to provide Year 12 leaders with

clear information on how students are progressing, so that conversations can occur with the students and families regarding their process.

Part of assessing student progress is the opportunity for students undertaking subjects with an end of year exam to practice these processes with our Mid Year Exams. Students will be undertaking these during Term 2 Week 9. Students will then be able to reflect on how they prepared for these exams, and what improvements and/or changes they can make to then optimise their opportunities at the end of the year.

Subjects without examinations are continuing their progress through their assessment tasks, and students will still be attending their double lessons during Week 9, as well as the Monday timetabled lessons.

Dear Parents/Caregivers, 

The last four weeks have been incredibly busy with our students continuing to engage with their learning and participating in many extra curriculum activities. 

Teaching and Learning 
Teachers have continued to work in their PLTs, exploring different elements of pedagogy. On Friday the 3rd of May, curriculum leaders met to discuss their improvement plans. Leaders shared their journeys so far and what elements of pedagogical practice their faculties were exploring. Some of the areas explored are differentiated learning, multiple exposures, questioning, collaborative learning, and feedback. In addition to individual faculties exploring specific elements, the whole school is working together to learn more about metacognition and teach students metacognitive strategies for learning. With this work, we aim to improve the teaching and learning experiences of the students and support them to become effective learners, which is one of our school’s goals for 2024. 

School Culture 
The culture committee has continued to work with staff to unpack the behaviours which underpin each of our school’s values: We are United, Passionate, and Accountable. During our student-free day, which took place on the first day of the term, they worked with staff to unpack what behaviours impact how well the school values are realized. The exploration started with the value of “we are passionate.” Over the next few weeks, Ms. Casey Rendell, Learning Environment Assistant Principal, will be running a number of similar workshops with students to get their input, so as a school community, we have agreed expectations of what positive behaviours reflect each value. 

NAPLAN Results 
The preliminary results for NAPLAN have been provided to us. There are five aspects to the test: Numeracy, Reading, Writing, Grammar and Punctuation, and Spelling. In all areas except for Grammar and Punctuation, both our Year 7 and 9 students sit in the “strong performance” category. In Grammar and Punctuation, we sit mostly in the developing category. We will continue to unpack this data and determine strategies to improve in all aspects of the tests, particularly Grammar and Punctuation. 

Parent-Teacher Interviews 
Parent-teacher interviews were held on Thursday the 16th of May. Over 850 appointments were made with teachers. It was pleasing to see so many parents attend the interviews and to see teachers smiling at the end of the day, commenting on the positive experience they had. They were very appreciative and thankful for the support they received from parents.  

Pedal Prix
On Saturday, 18 May, the Pedal Prix students competed at Tailem Bend. Thirty students attended, along with the Fast Cats racing team. Mr Wayne Ferguson and Mrs Jess Hanlin were extremely impressed with how well our students participated. Pink Panther won 4th place out of 7, and Links came 8th out of 39 teams. The Masters Team, Top Cat from Fast Cats, came 1st. Thank you to Jess, Wayne, and the Fast Cats Racing Club for their planning, organising, and ongoing support of the Pedal Prix program. 

Hydrogen Car Racing 
A group of four students competed in the Hydrogen Grand Prix racing. These students belong to the STEM club, which operates every Wednesday afternoon. They developed their own hydrogen car and were successful in winning third place. This is an extraordinary achievement, as this is the first time that the students undertook such a project and competed in this event. Congratulations to Riley, Samuel, Liam, and Declan for their achievement, and thank you to Mr. James Dundon for the mentoring and support he has provided to the students. 

Farewell to Hannah Downes 
It is with sadness that our school community is farewelling Mrs. Hannah Downes, Assistant Principal of Learning Environment. Hannah and her family are moving interstate. Hannah has been an incredible leader who has touched the lives of many students and staff at Modbury High School. Hannah’s enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to Modbury High School were evident in everything that she did. Her students loved her passion for physics and sense of humour. Her colleagues loved her commitment to making Modbury High School a better place for everyone. Thank you, Hannah, for all your amazing work over the years. Modbury High School wishes you a bright and wonderful future. You will always be a part of Modbury High School. 

Ms Joanne Costa


Every day a student attends school has a positive impact on their future prospects and their development as an individual. A focus on increasing student attendance through support and intervention with the student and their families creates a culture of success within the school community.
Research from around the world has demonstrated a clear link between improved literacy and numeracy outcomes and attendance at school. Family engagement with the student and the school around attendance and achievement has also been shown to be critical; when families understand the relevance of attendance they work more closely and effectively with the school.

As a parent or caregiver, it is your responsibility to:

Reminder we will not be using Spacetalk for SMS or email from Mon 27 May.  It will all be through Daymap.

For more information and how to guides please click the following link.


Each term, the school acknowledges the students who achieve exceptional end-of-term results.

Outstanding Achievement awards are presented to students who obtained the maximum number of A grades for their year level. The academic achievement of these students was recognised at our Outstanding Achievers Recess in Week 2 this term.

High Achievement awards are presented to students who obtain one fewer A grade than the maximum for their year level.

Congratulations once again to these students!

Outstanding Achievement

Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12
Skye ParrishJules SualogJess FreebairnBreanne ButtonJasmin Andrews
Eileen ZhangGargee VyasCharli HodsonJordyn CookMadison Benton
Saarakshya SharmaRei CookHannah Dones
Scarlett TaylorCameron GreenQuinn Duncan
Arved GrotmaackLawrence French
Danika LowKaiwen He
Emily ZhangLianna Lineage
Kahlan Mashford
Tanvita Naik
Hana Wong

High Achievement

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12
Abbey CarrollArmaan BabwaniLogan AshmanRonan AtkinsCharlotte BlandJack Counihan-Abbott
Thomas CoombeFelix Brotherton-CollinsHong ChenLara AzoMolly CoxSarah Crozier
Andrei DumitrescuSibella KastanosTyler Gaskin-OsborneIsha BaneKatelyn FraserMarli Donsberg
Erin FreebairnIsobel LeysonHudson GeierElla BoyleImogen JanickiOscar Elder
Imogen GillespieRuby McFarlandLiam HanlinAbi CavenettLia KaisTrinity Fowler
Isabella GilliganHudson MenthaNicholas HaskardIzzy DubeChristopher KastanosCarlos Gray-Claveria
Reva KhannaPrithvi PatelAva HuettenrauchInyoung KimJade KolmanAnton Kastanos
Ella LeePayton RichardsonMaddison JohnsAngelica LizasoAriel LimRomeo Mangava
Amalie RossFleur RoweBrendan KeastAki SicoyMia LyTyson Nottle
Toby StrelanBranson KusmadiEmily TotaniMika OsborneJade Pelton
Elsie ZhangHasifa MbatuddeElliot Webster-BrownXavier PaulsonJazsmin Smith
Miley MugfordTom WhistlerRaina SaitovAndrea Sualog
Roshani RajkumarOlivia WightonAlecia SaldaviaLeo Vorrasi
Vivaan RajpalCaitlyn Scott
Paige SharpeMady Sharma
Ella TaylorJosh Stewart
Elisha Tonkin
Isabella Wright

7 Spanish 

Term 1 in Spanish we have been learning about Spain and introductory sentences. We have been focussing on numbers, months of the year and pronunciation (phonetics) of the Spanish alphabet. Lots of new vocabulary has been learnt for greetings and basic conversations. Students have been working in class or for homework on Duolingo or blooket to assist in revision of vocabulary and phrases. Students have looked at the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso and decorated their book covers with a Picasso style self-portrait. We looked at artwork from Picasso’s blue and rose periods and students then chose to either replicate these or draw their own self. 

Ms Fiona Muggleton
Spanish Teacher

Mr Jorge Paredes
Spanish Teacher

Empowering Women in Male Dominated Professions 

Shaelee Herman and I were lucky enough to be invited to the HiViZ Women Building SA Luncheon at the Adelaide Convention Centre last Friday. The inspiring afternoon featured numerous powerful women who shared their stories, offering insights and encouragement to women navigating male-dominated professions. It was fantastic to see a room full of strong women supporting each other and proving that men and women are equal! A key message taken from the event was that together, we can break barriers, inspire change, and create a more inclusive environment for everyone. 

We are incredibly proud of Shaelee for following her dream of becoming an Australian Defence Force Electrician. 

Ms Brooke Hoppo
English & Humanities Teacher 

Art Excursion

On the last day of term 1, Friday 12th April, two year 11 Art classes including Mrs Moeller, Ms Brown and Mr Price, went on an exhibition marathon! The Waterhouse Prize is a prestigious exhibition in the SA Museum showcasing Australian artists who explore a range of media and concepts. The exhibition is ‘where Natural Science and Art collide’. The theme is fitting for us as our Visual Study for this semester investigates Artists associated with nature. This exhibition takes place every two years, and we visited it on the opening day. We also perused the Inner Sanctum exhibition at the Art Gallery of SA before lunch and finally got to view the great works and folios of selected 2023 stage 2 Art and Design students from around the state at the Light Square Gallery. This exhibition is important as it illustrates the documented visual and written processes of year 12 students, from first ideas to the final practical, and gives all an understanding of how to write an artist statement too.  

Mrs Jess Moeller
Arts Coordinator

Australian powerlifting alliance nationals

Harvey Spencer, a year 11 student, has represented South Australia at the Australian Powerlifting Alliance Nationals in Newcastle, NSW where he placed 1st 🥇 in his division, Sub-Junior under 93kg 🏋️‍♂️🏆

His best lifts were:
Squat 225kg
Bench Press 140kg (National Record)
Dead Lift 263.50 (National Record)

Harvey is currently ranked 13th in the world for Sub Junior under 93kg and will be representing Australia at the International Powerlifting Federation Worlds in Aug/Sept in Malta.

"Going into this comp I was the most nervous I had been before a meet. Jimmy (3rd place) and Corey (2nd place) pushed me really hard going into deads. But on my opener I failed my lockout because my left calf cramped up. For a moment I thought I had lost but my dad pulled me aside and tried to spark up as much self confidence in me he could and I smoked it on the 2nd attempt. For my third attempt I had to pull 263.5kg to tie Corey's total and win through bodyweight. In the end I got the final deadlift I needed and WE'RE GOING TO WORLDS"
- Harvey.

Congratulations Harvey! We are very proud of you and your achievements!! We will be cheering you on in Adelaide while you are at worlds! 🎉🏋️‍♂️🏆

World Cheerleading

Rubie Lehman’s journey to 2nd place in the world started with a video submission to try-out for the Australian u/14 Cheerleading team. From there she made it through to the in-person tryouts with 60 other athletes finally being accepted onto Team Australia with a team of 31 athletes all aged between 12 and 14. 

In the lead up the world championships she undertook many trainings here In Adelaide every Friday night along with two full day team trainings in Sydney and one in Melbourne before travelling to Orlando Floria for the competition.  

There was 5 days of tough training and then a grueling two weeks of competition, she put in a fantastic effort along with her team eventually coming away with the 2nd place trophy “it was a really fun experience and I would do it again and recommend it to any other potential cheerleaders out there”. 

YEar 11 - Term 2

Please click the following here to download information regarding Year 11 in term 2.

Thank you Wormald Canvas

Wormald Canvas continue to support Design & Technology at Modbury High. They recently, very kindly supplied some canvas covers to the Design and Technology faculty free of charge. These are sincerely appreciated and we thank them for these and hope that if members of the high school community need any canvas products that Wormald Canvas is part of their consideration.

Ms Aimie Strawbridge
Coordinator of Design & Technology

Mr Wayne Ferguson
Coordinator of Design & Technology

Empowered Leadership Day 

On the 16th of May, 11 Year 10 students attended the Empowered Leadership Day at the Alberton Oval Precinct. These students represented Modbury High School on their pupil free day. Their behavior and engagement in all activities on the day was a wonderful reflection of these awesome attendees. 

The theme of the day was based on leadership qualities and skills, being an upstander and online safety. Students heard from AFL and AFLW Port Power players around how they lead by example and values they strive to achieve in their leadership role so they can inspire others. Port Power players and coaching staff ran a session on scenarios of how to be an upstander in various situations. Flinders University having partnered with Centacare and Port Power to develop a Power Up Online Safety program which the students were asked to give feedback on so that this program has the best chance of appealing to as many young people as possible. 

In between these sessions students were given a tour of player locker rooms as well as the High Performance Centre where the players train. They also had a chance to have a kick around on Alberton Oval and participate in training drills run by the players from the AFLW and AFL Port Power teams. 

Ms Lauren Freeth
Year 9/10 Level Leader


In 2025, Modbury High School is excited to extend on the existing specialist basketball program to introduce a new basketball academy that will be available for all students starting in year 7 and going through to year 10. This academy is specifically designed to improve student-athlete's basketball ability, strength & conditioning as well as prepare them for success in SACE. 

Year 6 students wishing to attend Modbury High School in 2025 with an interest in joining the basketball academy, please complete this form:

For out of zone students wishing to attend for the academy, a reminder that when entering your preferences on the Department Starting Secondary registration of interest form (due Friday 24/5) to nominate Modbury High School as your preference and outline that you are wishing to attend for the basketball academy, as well as completing the above form for our records. 

Current high school students that wish to attend Modbury High School with an interest in basketball, please complete the letter provided in the enrolment pack. 

This amazing program coincides with the continuing USA basketball tour, with the next trip being held in 2025. 

The academy is overseen and coached directly by our head of basketball, Riley Harrap. Riley has years of experience coaching at state levels and currently plays NBL1 for the Norwood Flames. For further information, please contact him directly on

Mr Riley Harrap
Teacher | Basketball Specialist Manager

Modbury High School H2GP Competition Team Shines in a Thrilling Race

The Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) program challenges tomorrow's innovators to design, engineer, build, and race their own hydrogen-powered RC cars. Through this program, our future leaders develop the creativity, ingenuity, and real-world problem-solving skills needed to tackle tomorrow's energy challenges. From the 20 teams competing, the winner would earn a place to compete in the World Final in the US.

Our team Innov8 Velocity Racing competed in an exhilarating 4-hour race, showcasing their exceptional skills and teamwork. Leading for the first three-quarters of the race, our team ultimately secured an impressive 3rd place finish. The competition demanded precise power management, with teams limited to using three batteries and 18 Hydrostiks (hydrogen fuel containers) and driver skill and endurance to achieve the highest number of laps in 4h.

Despite an early setback when a crash inadvertently switched off our fuel cell, draining our first battery, our resilient team managed to navigate the remaining 3.5 hours on only two batteries. This remarkable feat was made possible by the incredible efforts of our two drivers, Riley and Samuel, as well as our dedicated pit crew, mechanic, and race strategists, Liam and Declan.

Our team, consisting of one Year 8 and three Year 9 students were competing against much older teams, making their achievement even more commendable. These students have been working tirelessly since the middle of 2023, sacrificing lunchtimes and after-school hours to hone their skills in our STEM club.

We are incredibly proud of our team's perseverance, dedication, and outstanding performance. Congratulations to Riley, Samuel, Liam, Declan. Your hard work and passion for STEM is truly inspiring!

Mr James Dundon
Science | DATA | STEM Coordinator

LEt us know!

If your student has had achievements outside of school, let us know! We would love to celebrate together! Just send us an article with information and photos you would be happy for us to share. Email us at

Music Update

The start of 2024 has seen many ups and downs for MHS Music with us not attending GIJ to expanding our IM offerings. 

For the first time at MHS, we now provide Voice lessons to eligible students in the Choir. We bid a warm welcome to Mrs. Schultz, our new IM voice teacher. 

Our Choir has also bolstered in numbers to around 20 students under the guidance of Ms. Geszner. 

We are also very proud to have established small ensembles for Woodwind, Brass, Flute, Saxophone, and Classical Guitar, run by our incredible IM staff. We thank Mrs. Sheridan, Mr. Heinjus, Ms. Paul, Mr. Moore, and Mr. Bairstow for their time and support of the MHS Music program. 

A number of these groups will be performing alongside class and school ensembles at our Semester 1 Music Night, on Tuesday the 11th of June (in the school Gym). A small number of these new ensembles will also go on to represent MHS at the Balaklava Eisteddfod next term.  

We look forward to our upcoming opportunities! 

Purruna Kuu Café Donations 

Congratulations to Sienna Peck for being successful with the donation letter she wrote. Sienna reached out to some of our local coffee bean roasters to gain donations for the Purruna Kuu Cafe. Veneziano Coffee Roasters have generously donated 6kgs of their delicious coffee beans. Veneziano has a fabulous cafe on Melbourne Street in North Adelaide. When you are near the cite next drop in for a coffee, lunch or treat and let me know how appreciative you are that they are supporting wellbeing initiatives at Modbury High School. 

Ms Lauren Freeth
Year 9/10 Level Leader

Sports News

For the Sports Day Newsletter and Athletics Newsletter - Click here

Dear Parents and Caregivers, 

It is hard to believe that we are at the end of term 1. It has certainly been a very busy and productive term. 

Teaching and Learning 

At the start of this term, all teachers and leaders were introduced to our new Pedagogical framework. Since then, Curriculum leaders have been working with their faculties to explore different elements of the framework. The purpose of this work is for teachers to explore evidence-based pedagogical practices which lead to an increase in student engagement and learning outcomes for students. 

F1 in Schools 

Once again, our F1 students have made us extremely proud with their achievements. Acruz racing participated in the National competition held in Adelaide earlier this term and secured second place, earning an invitation to the World Championships. Congratulations to the students involved in the competition, Kahlan M, Mason G, Olivia M, Luke Z, and Carlos G.  

A very big thank you to Mr. Karl Read for his ongoing support of the students and for the huge commitment to his students which includes many extra hours after school and on the weekends. A huge thank you to Steve Read and Kate Read who have volunteered their time to support the studnets.As well a very big thank you to the families of the students who have supported them with their presence at the competition, fundraising, and simply being there for them as they prepared for the competition. 

Sports Day 

Sports Day took place on the 8th of March. It was a fantastic and positive event, with significant student participation. Once again, Gilmore secured first place, followed by Wright in second, Lawson in third, and Tilley in fourth. 

Student Reports 

The first Assessment period for 2024 was completed at the end of week 10 of this term. For students in Year 7-10, the assessment reflects their progress so far with respect to the Australian Curriculum standards. Students are assessed according to the relevant year level and subject standard. Year 11 and 12 Students are assessed according to the SACE performance standards for each subject. Student reports will be published on Daymap on Friday, April 12. Please take time to discuss their results and any strategies that may support them to further improve, or simply congratulate them for their excellent results. If you have concerns with your child’s progress, please ensure that you make an appointment with their teacher during parent-teacher interviews, which will take place in week 3 of term 2 on Thursday, May 16,  

Student Free Day 

Our second student Free Day will take place on  Monday 29 April whicht  is the first day of term 2.  We have designed a comprehensive program which adressess a number of areas. For students with disabilities, personalized plans will be developed, focusing on their specific needs and ensuring that they can access the curriculum Additionally, we will take the opportunity to unpack the results of the perspective survey,  which will further enhance our learning environment and overall school experience. A significant part of the day will be dedicated to developing a set of mindful agreements that underpin each of the school's newly developed values.  

Wishing everyone a happy, safe and restful holiday. 

Ms Joanne Costa

Year 12 Term 1 Holiday Sessions and Expectations

Click here to download the Year 12 Holiday Session information.

Contacting The School - during holidays

If you need to contact the school during the school holidays, please email us at

Pedal Prix

The pedal-powered excitement rolled on at the AIPP Round One Pedal Prix race at McNamara Park in Mount Gambier, marking the beginning of the 2024 AIPP racing season. Despite the heat, the event proved to be a resounding success, with 26 enthusiastic students travelling to Mount Gambier, eager to showcase their speed and skills on the track. 

Pink Panther, our all female team, emerged victorious after an eventful day, claiming first-place in their category. We’re on the lookout for additional riders to join their ranks, so if you have a passion for racing and want to be part of a winning team, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Our Middle School Team, Lynx, took out second place in their category behind only Pembroke. They should be extremely proud of themselves, showing fierce determination throughout the day. Thank you for working so hard to support each other, both in the lead up to the race and in the weeks since. Continuing to motivate each other to improve, finding supportive ways to build strength and endurance. 

Puma’s new riders were learning how to position themselves on the track, how to build speed and navigate a busy track, while experienced riders in the team worked on developing these skills further. 

Cheetah had a great race, placing 9th in category. With an impressive ride from Jaxon, riding a mammoth 35 laps of the 2.4km circuit, we can’t wait to see how they develop as a team and how they place at the next race. 

Best crash of the day goes to Thomas in Puma! The crash rendered Puma's trike unrideable, forcing them to bow out of the remainder of the race during the afternoon. Fortunately, Thomas emerged from the crash with only minor grazes, a testament to the safety of the trikes. Thomas is now an honourable member of riders able to tell the tale of their spectacular crashes, like a badge of honour! 

With Round One coming to a close, attention now turns to the next challenge: Round Two at Tailem Bend. This six-hour endurance race, set at The Bend Motorsport on the 18th of May, promises to be another thrilling event. 

In other exciting news, the past two weeks witnessed a fantastic turnout each Thursday for come-and-try sessions at lunchtime on the tennis courts. These sessions provided newcomers with a firsthand taste of the pedal racing experience, igniting their passion for the sport. Due to their popularity and success, more come-and-try sessions are set to be organised for Term 2, offering even more opportunities for students to embrace their inner racer. 

A huge thank you to Fast Cats Racing for your continued support, we couldn’t be so successful without you! 


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Calendar term 2

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*Reminder Student Free Day Monday 29th April. School Recommences Tuesday 30th April

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Dear parents/caregivers,

Welcome to the second edition of the 2024 newsletter. After a very hectic start to the year, the students have settled down into the school routines, continuing to engage with their learning.

Farewell to Mr Michael Hillier
It is with sadness that we bid farewell to our colleague and teacher who recently passed away. Despite his brief tenure of just six months at our school, he quickly forged meaningful and positive relationships with both colleagues and students alike. His caring demeanour and passion for teaching were evident to all who knew him, and he exuded a genuine love for being in the classroom. His absence will be deeply felt within our school community. We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time.

Open Evening
A highlight for our school community was our school's "Open Evening." Students and teachers showcased their work, demonstrating the exceptional standards upheld at our school. Many prospective parents expressed their admiration for what they witnessed and inquired about the process to enrol their child at our school. A very big thank you to all the staff and student helpers for their outstanding contributions

Learning improvement
This year teachers are working towards two overarching goals: —increasing achievement in reading and writing, and fostering effective learners through a culture of agency and wellbeing—teachers are leveraging the newly constructed Pedagogical framework with strategic precision. Utilizing the action research cycle as their guiding compass, they are delving into the diverse elements of the framework, exploring methodologies, and instructional strategies to tailor their approach to the specific needs of their students.

Attendance to school
A friendly reminder to all parents: please informs the school when your child is absent and provide a reason for the absence. Regular attendance at school is essential for learning as it ensures students have consistent access to instruction, peer interaction, and vital resources. Each day in the classroom presents opportunities for discovery, collaboration, and growth. Regular absences from school hinder students' learning and can impact their academic achievement. Additionally, consistent attendance instils vital habits of responsibility, punctuality, and commitment—qualities critical for success in both school and life. I encourage parents who are concerned about their child's absence from school to contact the relevant year-level leader or student counsellor to discuss their concerns and work together to improve attendance.

Drop off at school
A heartfelt thank you to all parents who are diligently adhering to our request to drop off students at the gate instead of driving through the school grounds. Your cooperation greatly minimizes the risk of accidents and ensures the safety of our students. We implore all parents to follow suit and continue prioritizing safety by utilizing the designated drop-off areas. Together, we can create a secure environment for our children to thrive.

Ms Joanne Costa

Sports Day

Sports day this Monday 18th March! Day starts at 7:30am to 2pm.

For more information please follow the link.

Road Safety Program

Get Home Safe Driver Safety Student Session 

In Week 3, Year 10 students attended the Get Home Safe Driver Safety session. This involved a VR driving experience where we were told how to be aware of danger while driving, what hazards we should be aware of while driving and how to drive while preparing to stop. He also told us stories of what could happen if you don’t make the right decisions while driving. These are things like drinking and driving or using your phone. He told us of the ‘four second rule’, where we had to imagine that what would happen if you got yourself in a car accident and what would it look like when the police take the death note to your family. The first second you imagine the police going to your door, the next second is your parents reactions, the third second is your parents tells siblings and the forth is them having to tell everyone else they know about your death and what this would be like for all involved. 

Half way through the presentation, one student was asked to drive the car in VR but with the real car pedals and steering wheel. I was the student who got to drive the car. After I sat in the car, I was given three scenarios where the first one was to drive the car normally and follow the hazards on the road. I completed the first one with no hesitation. In the second one, I had to remember to stop while driving. In that scenario, I drove the car and there was a kid that randomly ran out on the road, I managed to brake and stop the car without hitting them. I completed the second successfully too. In the last one, I had to use my phone while driving. I had to write my name and the suburb I live in. I was driving perfectly until the instructor gave me the phone and I had to write my information. My car drifted out to the other lanes, and I crashed into the pedestrians. This experience so clearly showed why not to use your phone or anything else that can get us distracted easily while driving.  

Yuvraj Yuvraj
Year 10 Student 

Year 10 Road Safety Evening Session 

On the Wednesday the 14th of February I attended a Get Home Safe driver program with my Mum. It was a way for our parents to get educated on how to safely teach their year 10 children how to drive when they get their Ls. He started off by making sure the parents who attended the night were educated themself by going through some give way questions, luckily all the parents got most of the questions right. 
The presenter, Darren, spoke about how it’s important to make sure that the car our parents are teaching us in is safe enough to keep us safe if we crash while learning. Every car has a safety rating between 1-5 stars. It is recommended not letting young drivers drive in anything below a 3 star rating because cars below that won’t protect our heads, legs and chest in the event of a crash. 
Darren highlighted the importance of not going with the cheap option for a driving instructor. He encouraged everyone to use an instructor who was willing to be transparent and have parents involved in the lesson, one who is willing to give feedback on what to work on between lessons and someone who isn’t going to cut corners. Young drivers only get the chance to learn to drive once so you want this to be set up as safely as possible. Darren let us know that 70% of crashes are caused by mistakes so it is important we do whatever we can to prepare ourselves properly for driving and reduce these mistakes to make the roads safer for all. 
Both mum and I found this session a very informative and educational one to help make sure we are safe on the roads, particularly while on L and P plates. 

Harry Sheldrick 
Year 10 Student 

Thank you to Fast Cats Racing, the group that supports Pedal Prix at Modbury as they were able to support the driver education program by providing a shade to ensure the students were out of the sun.

Student Voice Council

On Monday of Week 5 we had our SVC Assembly where 73 students were inaugurated into our Student Voice Council for 2024. SVC offers students the opportunity to be involved in the decisions relating to the future growth and development of the school. Student input into our school is very important and we are excited to have so many students who are keen to create positive change. In the past, SVC have organised events, fundraisers, and improvements in student facilities, for example, the chilled water fountains throughout the school. SVC works to make improvements for the students here at MHS, as well as giving back to our local community through charity events. At our assembly, we were lucky enough to have Mr Ryan McMahon, the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Tea Tree Gully, give a speech about leadership, the importance of being an elected representative and working as a team to create positive change.

During week 6 we held our annual SVC Congress where elected members spent the day getting to know each other and setting some goals for what they want to achieve for 2024. Between further facilities upgrades, developing school and community relationships and some exciting events, this year’s SVC has some big and exciting plans in the works. Watch this space!

Ms Casey Rendell
Assistant Principal

farewell Steven Collings

It is with sadness that we share the recent passing of retired Visual Arts teacher and Coordinator Steven Collings. Mr Collings was on staff at Modbury High School for many years and he will be remembered for sharing his passion for The Arts with his students.

Open Evening

Open Evening was a big success! There was lots of new faces who came out to see Modbury High School in action! Big thank you to all our staff and students who helped make it a wonderful night and helped showcased our amazing school.

Qkr! app

The Android Phone issue has now been resolved, parents/users can now download the App from the Google Play Store.

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uniform shop campbelltown

The Campbelltown School Uniform Shop will be closed for Easter long weekend, 29th March to the1st April and Re-opening Tuesday 2nd April at 1pm.

Please make sure you book an appointment to buy and try on uniforms.

PK Café Donations 

Purruna Kuu, Modbury High School’s wellbeing space, is the home of the PK Café where staff can get barista style coffee. The space so often assists in supporting the wellbeing of our students so we love that the space can also help boost the wellbeing of our staff through a delicious caffeine hit. Students can also be trained on the coffee machine and serve our staff which increases the connections in our school community. 

Currently Integrated Learning students are writing letters to local businesses to gain donations for our café. This task is not only increasing their literacy skill and business exposure and awareness but also assisting them in contributing to the school community. The donations will mean that more of the money raised by staff buying coffee cards can go toward wellbeing programs and initiatives. 

Dieter Ratzmer has been successful in his letter to ‘For Love of Coffee’ Café on Gilbert Street with 2 bags of beans being donated. Alanna Wittmann has also been successful in her letter to Kmart and her hope for PK Café to be more sustainable and rely less on disposable coffee cups. Firle Kmart have so generously designed and donated a set of mugs for the café. We are very grateful for our donations and the students have been getting so much out of the experience. 

If you know of any businesses who might be willing to donate, or suggestions of places our students could write to, please contact Lauren Freeth at and we will gladly make the most of your suggestion. We will advertise all companies who donate and make sure people know of their generosity in supporting the wellbeing initiatives and programs at Modbury High School. 

Ms Freeth
Year 9/10 Leader

Basketball holiday sessions


Modbury High School’s basketball specialist teacher, Riley Harrap, is offering 2 free basketball sessions over the term 1 school holidays. The clinics are available for all students currently studying in year 5 or 6. The sessions will provide an opportunity to see how basketball specialist is taught at Modbury High School and what the program offers.

To register your interest, please use the link below:
For more information, contact Riley Harrap at

Pedal Prix - velodrome

What an amazing day it was at the recent Velodrome experience hosted by Fast Cats Racing! Modbury High School saw twenty of our wonderful students to the track, many of whom were experiencing the thrill of riding a trike for the first time. And boy, did they love it! It was so heartwarming to see the joy and excitement on their faces as they zoomed around the track. Some were having such a great time that they didn't want to get out! 

The Velodrome experience was not only a fun day out for the students but also a valuable opportunity for them to try something new, challenge themselves, and work on their cycling skills. It was a great way for them to build confidence, teamwork, and sportsmanship while enjoying the exhilarating world of Pedal Prix. 

A big thank you to Fast Cats Racing for hosting such a fantastic event and providing a safe and exciting environment for the students to explore the world of trike racing. The experience undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the students, sparking a newfound love for Pedal Prix and leaving them eager for more racing adventures.  

Our Pedal Prix riders are gearing up for an adrenaline-pumping experience at the upcoming UniSA Australian HPV Super Series season opener race at McNamara Park in Mount Gambier! On Saturday, March 16th, 26 riders over four teams will be hitting the 2.4km track at McNamara Park for an exhilarating 8-hour race. The teams are excited to showcase their skills, speed, and teamwork as they take on the challenges of the closed-circuit motorcycle racetrack, filled with fast straights, sweeping bends and technical uphill and downhill sections. 

This event marks the beginning of an exciting season for Modbury High School's Pedal Prix teams. With so many new riders joining the squad and others continuing with Pedal Prix again this year, we’re looking forward to forging bonds, pushing our limits, and creating unforgettable memories together. We can expect to see some exciting racing action as teams vie for the top spot on the podium... and more than likely an exciting crash or two! 

Pedal Prix isn’t just for elite athletes – teams of all skill levels are welcome to participate. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or someone looking to try something new, Pedal Prix offers a fun and challenging experience for everyone. 

If you’re interested in Pedal Prix at Modbury High School, get in touch with Jess at

Dear Parents / Caregivers, staff, and students

Welcome back to 2024 school year. We hope you had a restful and rejuvenating break and are ready to work with us in partnership to support your students into the new academic year with enthusiasm and determination. A very warm welcome to both returning families and new faces to our school community.

I am delighted to report that the start of the year has been exceptionally smooth, thanks to the collaborative efforts of our dedicated staff, and eager students. The seamless transition back into the school routine has laid a strong foundation for a successful and fulfilling year ahead.

The week prior to school commencing, all staff participated in a workshop which was facilitated by Andrew Fuller, a leading Psychologists on brain development, young adolescents, and wellbeing. The workshop provided staff with strategies to support student’s wellbeing and the development of metacognition. Through the exploration of knowing yourself he provided insight of how we learn and the implications for student learning.

A highlight of the beginning of the school year was the overwhelming turnout at our information evenings. It was heartening to see a great number of parents attending these sessions, eager to learn more about the curriculum, extracurricular activities, and ways to support their children's learning journey. Thank you to all the parents who took the time to participate, ask questions, and engage with our staff. Your involvement and partnership are invaluable, and together, we can create a nurturing and enriching environment for our students to thrive. Thank you also to all the staff who attended the information evenings without their participation the evenings would not be possible.

Our Year 7 students kicked off the year with a series of engaging incursion activities designed to help them build positive relationships with their classmates and teachers. Through team-building exercises, collaborative projects, and interactive workshops, students had the opportunity to connect with one another and form strong bonds that will support them throughout their time at Modbury. These activities not only fostered a sense of belonging but also encouraged communication, empathy, and mutual respect among our youngest learners.

Meanwhile, our Year 8 students embarked on an unforgettable overnight camp adventure to Lake Bonney. Under the expert guidance of staff from Active 8, Year Level Leader Mrs Tricker, Assistant Principal Ms Rendell and homegroup teachers, students participated in a range of fun and challenging activities. The feedback from both staff and students has been overwhelmingly positive. It is such a pleasure hear each student speak of the wonderful time they had and the friendships they formed during their time at Lake Bonney.

The Year 12 Retreat, which initiated, planned, and organised by a proactive and dedicated group of students and supported of the Year Level Leader Ms O’Brien- Dent and Assistant Principal, Mrs Woolford took place at the start of week 3. This retreat offered the students a unique opportunity for personal growth, reflection, and preparation for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Throughout the retreat, homegroup teachers facilitated workshops designed to equip students with valuable insights on maximizing their time and succeeding as Year 12 students. Additionally, we were honoured to have Ms Olivia Sava’s member of Newland, joined the students to deliver an inspirational talk, urging our students to be exemplary role models an reflect on their own journey as a student and ensure that they make the most of their time at school. Her personal anecdotes and determination to overcome obstacles resonated deeply with our students, inspiring them to strive for excellence and make a positive impact in their community.

On Friday 16 February we held our 2024 Achievement Assembly. The Assembly acknowledged the 2023 Year 12 graduates, who had achieved an ATAR over 90 and received 3 or more grades. Angelina Hansen was crowned DUX of 2023 and gave a motivational talk to the students. Following the assembly, parents and students joined the staff for light refreshments, prepared and served by our Home Economics students.

Wishing you all a fantastic and happy 2024 school year.

Ms Costa

Pedal Prix  

Modbury High School Pedal Prix teams are preparing to compete in five UniSA Australian HPV Super Series races in 2024. In addition to the season’s five races, we also look forward to participating in fun, social Velodrome activities and races throughout the year with Fast Cats Racing.

The Modbury High School Pedal Prix is a co-curricular program for Years 7-12 and is taken as a Stage 1 SACE subject, potentially earning students 20 SACE credits each year of participation.

We welcome all new riders and are currently seeking interested riders to join our Pedal Prix teams. Any interested students should contact Jess Hanlin via Daymap or email,, to register.

Tuesday night trainings are held each week, 7:15pm to 8:30pm, meeting in the Pedal Prix shed. Trainings are recommended for improving fitness, but are not compulsory.

Pedal Prix not only offers the benefits of developing greater fitness, confidence, independence, resilience, consideration and positive relationships with others, but students further develop their team management, delegation, time management, prioritisation and communication skills during races. Our after school and occasional lunchtime training sessions, give students an opportunity to make friends across all year levels and with members of the school community.

By Jess Hanlin
Pedal Prix Liaison

Fees due now

Fees are now due. If you require more time or would like a payment plan please contact the Finance Office.

2023 yearbook now avaliable

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New International Arrivals at Modbury

A New Year means new international students. This term we have 6 short term international students joining us. Five students are from Japan and one is from Germany. The students from Japan are in years 9 and 10 and our German student is joining year 11 for semester 1.

The students have attended an orientation session with Ms Kampes and have since settled into life at Modbury. All students are enjoying their experience so far.

Ms Kampes welcomed the students by hosting a lunch featuring Aussie food such as meat pies and lamingtons. For most of the students it was their first time trying these foods and as no food was left over I think they all enjoyed it!

Ms Kampes
Coordinator of Languages and International Education

Maths..? Help!

Unlock your full potential in maths by attending Maths..? Help! sessions during lunchtime in the STEM building - with Mrs McKie on Mondays and Mr Krznaric on Thursdays. We believe in you and your ability to be successful in maths, so don’t hold back!

Get expert support with maths homework, investigations, or test preparation. All students from Years 7 to 12 are welcome.

Stay for 5, 20 or 40 minutes – YOU choose. (Yes - you can bring your lunch!)

Year 12 Retreat 

This past Monday, February 12th, marked an exciting milestone for Modbury High School as our Year 12 students embarked on the inaugural Year 12 Retreat at Cooinda Retreat in Victor Harbor. Over a few action-packed days, students participated in a variety of activities designed to enhance their wellbeing and personal growth. 

The retreat featured engaging workshops on themes such as wellbeing, being allergic to average and excelling in studies, overcoming adversity, and the importance of role models. We were honoured to have Ms. Olivia Savvas MP lead some of these insightful discussions. Additionally, students took part in diverse team-building exercises both indoors and outdoors, including sandcastle building, beach games, a sunrise beach walk, a scavenger hunt, an amazing race, and a fun-filled games night. 

We extend our gratitude to the dedicated teachers at Modbury High who made this retreat possible. Their efforts in organising and facilitating the activities, coupled with their exemplary role modelling, set a high standard for our students. Special appreciation goes to Mr. Krznaric, Ms. Moeller, Mr. Dundon, Ms. Palmer, Mr. Goult, Mr. Bartlett, Mrs. Woolford, Ms. Brown, and Ms. Costa for their support. 

The retreat also provided a valuable opportunity for students to take a break from their digital devices, demonstrate leadership skills, and forge stronger bonds with both their peers and teachers. We believe these experiences will significantly contribute to the success of our Year 12 cohort this year. 

Finally, we would like to recognise the exceptional leadership and dedication of the student retreat committee. Their unwavering commitment, creativity, and hard work transformed their vision into reality, leaving a lasting legacy for Modbury High. Special mention goes to Caitlin Fraser and Owen Wythe for their tireless efforts and outstanding leadership, both during and outside of school hours. Their dedication, along with the invaluable support of Hana Wong, Kaiwen He, Will Bui, Anton Kastanos, Reatile Hlatshwayo, and Riley Barton, played a crucial role in the successful organisation of the retreat. 


After a five-year COVID enforced hiatus, 29 excited Modbury High School students were once again allowed to return to the West Coast of the US for a basketball and cultural experience of a lifetime.

Students got to experience many different things including visiting Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach in Los Angeles, 2 days in Disneyland, a tour of the Nike World Headquarters, an NBA game, playing in the snow at Mt Hood (Oregon), a tour of Seattle visiting iconic attractions including the Space Needle, Pike Place Markets (where Seth Clavell got to catch a fish thrown to him!), and a tour of the Seattle Seahawks NFL stadium.

The trip though, is based around American high school basketball experiences. Our teams played in games that often involved announcers, mascots, bands, cheerleaders and large crowds. Games typically started with national anthems and the exchanging of gifts between players and coaches.

The Senior Varsity boys team, for the first time ever, played the strongest team in every school they played and ended up winning six games of their 10. Senior Varsity girls won eight and lost two. The Junior Varsity boys which were the second team, won seven games and lost three and the Junior Varsity 2 boys (third team), made up of Year 9’s and 10’s, won six games and lost two. A very impressive 27 – 11 record overall.

These games were a terrific experience for our students, playing to different rules, against different people in some very impressive school gymnasiums and with an atmosphere like we see on TV and in movies.

The Senior boys provided many highlights, with some very close, exciting and loud games. They had one double overtime win, a single overtime win, a one-point loss, an overtime loss and a three-point loss amongst their 10 games. The girls beat the best Senior team of a school of 1500 students (more than twice the size of Modbury) by 50 points and our girls were mainly year 9’s and 10’s.

Team MVPs:
Varsity Boys – Bryce Sanders
Varsity Girls – Jade Pelton and Lauren Edwards
Junior Varsity Boys – Jaiden Lehman
Junior Varsity 2 Boys – Daniel Wagener

Our students did a wonderful job of representing themselves, Modbury, and in fact, Australia. The American schools loved hosting and playing us, with many providing meals for us all after games to share with their teams and are very keen for us to return.

The next trip is planned for late November/December 2025. In Term 3 this year, students will have the opportunity to register their interest to be involved in the next trip.

Student reflection:
Even reflecting on it now, I can't believe it happened. The things we saw and experienced were possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and will stick with me for the rest of my life. It was so good to connect with the American students and learn about the similarities and differences. Lastly, so many friendships and memories were made.
By Jade Pelton

Ms Jess Moeller
Arts Coordinator

Youth in Emergencies Development Program

At Australian Red Cross we’re very excited to be launching the Youth in Emergencies Development Program.

As you may recall from our communication last year, Australian Red Cross leading this project, funded under the Disaster Risk Reduction Grants Program funded by the Australian Government and the South Australian Government, and in partnership with the Country Fire Service SA, the Commissioner for Children and Young People and The Duke of Edinburgh International Award, embarked on a co-design journey to create the Youth in Emergencies Development Program (YEDP).

We had a great time facilitating co-design workshops with young people across South Australia, and with their valuable input we’ve built a program tailored to the wants and needs of young people.

Designed by young people for young people, this program offers a unique opportunity to learn about the natural hazards we face due to our changing climate, and how to take steps to limit their exposure to them.  More information about the content can be found here.

The program will teach young people how to prepare for emergencies, become leaders across the communities they’re part of, and about the varied ways diverse communities are impacted by emergencies and disasters.  We’ll also make opportunities for them to have a say in decisions that impact them.

While learning all this, the participants will be working towards The Duke of Edinburgh International Bronze Award, worth 10 SACE points.

This is a program designed for young people to:

The YEDP is open to all students enrolled in years 9-12 living in South Australia, and we’re offering generous financial support so that everyone can apply.

Year 12 Orientation day

January 30th marked another memorable Orientation Day for the newest cohort of Year 12 students, filled with a range of activities setting students up for a strong start to the year. 

The day kicked off in the Flexis with a warm welcome and an overview of Year 12 expectations by Ms. O’Brien-Dent and Mrs. Woolford. This session set the tone for the year, emphasising both the challenges and the exciting opportunities ahead. 

One of the highlights of the morning was the 'Mix and Mesh' M&M game, a fun activity that encouraged students to interact and get to know each other better. This was coupled with a classroom decorating session, where students took photos and created posters to make a welcoming and personalised learning environment. 

Morning tea provided a fantastic opportunity for the Year 12 students to engage with class of 2022 and 23 old scholars. Our past students then formed a panel and shared their experiences and insights, offering valuable advice and perspectives on life during and after Year 12. Following this, the Study Skills presentation included vital information on study planning, a crucial aspect of achieving success in Year 12.  

The afternoon saw a Home Group VS Home Group newspaper fashion design competition, not only sparking creativity but also strengthening the bonds between students. We then headed to the gym for the annual tunnel ball competition, fostering team spirit and friendly competition.  

Students left the day with a sense of excitement and the knowledge and skills to make the most of their final year.  

Please click the link below to download a pdf version of our Parent Guide for 2024.

Dear Parents / Caregivers

As we approach the end of another remarkable year, it's time to reflect on the incredible journey we've had together. The 2023 academic year has been filled with academic achievements, cross-curricular successes, and many enriching experiences for our students.

Academic Excellence

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated staff, hardworking students, and supportive parents for their unwavering commitment to education. Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones in academic pursuits, setting a high standard for excellence that will resonate for years to come.


Term 4 has been particularly productive, showcasing the spirit of collaboration and the diversity of talents within our school community. Currently 30 of our students are representing us in an international basketball tournament in America, fostering cultural exchange and sportsmanship on a global scale.

Week 9 Program

The last week of term was nothing short of extraordinary, with students actively participating in a range of enriching short courses designed by our dedicated teachers. These courses, including excursions to the museum, city scavenger hunts, visits to Cleland Wildlife Park, game-making, Christmas card creation, arts and crafts, Christmas cookie baking, a whole day of trivia, mini-Olympics, swimming, and a whole day of stem provided our students with new and exciting learning opportunities outside the traditional classroom setting. To end the week and celebrate the last day of the year we had a disco in the gym.

Our students embraced these experiences with enthusiasm, gaining valuable skills and forming lasting memories. It is heartening to witness the passion for learning that our students demonstrate, and I am immensely proud of their accomplishments.

Thank You

As we finish the year, I extend my deepest gratitude to our exceptional staff for their dedication, our students for their hard work and enthusiasm, and our parents for their continued support. Your collective efforts have made this year a success, and we look forward to building on this momentum in the coming years.

As we enter the holidays, I wish each and every one of you a joyous and relaxing holiday season. May this time be filled with laughter, love, and the warmth of shared moments with family and friends. I look forward to seeing all of you in the new year, ready to embark on another year of learning, growth, and success.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Modbury High School community.


Joanne Costa

Ms Costa

Japan Study Tour 

In the Term 3 holidays, our dedicated teachers Ms Amanda Kampes and Mr Ryan Ricci, along with 16 students from years 8 to 12, embarked on a captivating journey north to Japan – the land of the rising sun! They explored the vibrant metropolis of Tokyo, the historic allure of Osaka, the country hospitality of Asakuchi, the poignant history of Hiroshima, the cultural richness of Nara and the timeless beauty of Kyoto. 

From navigating the bustling streets of Tokyo to exploring serene temples in Kyoto, we learned about the profound history and rich traditions of Japan, deepening our appreciation for this remarkable nation. 

We’re grateful for the meticulous planning and dedication put into this trip by Amanda Kampes, who ensured that every moment was educational and an unforgettable experience. Through these extraordinary journeys we can broaden our students’ horizons, and we eagerly anticipate more overseas adventures in the future. 

Japan has left an incredible mark on these students and we look forward to offering this to experience to others in future years. 

Ms Amanda Kampes
Coordinator of Languages and International Education

Miniature Float Design

Earlier this year, some of the Year 7-10 Art classes participated in creating a float design for National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant miniature float competition. 

Congratulations to the following students who have received honorary mentions from National Pharmacies for their designs placing in the top 10 and top 40 selections from over 700 entries!  

Top 10: 

Top 40: 


Year 8 and 9 Japanese classes finished off their year of studies by making and eating onigiri (rice balls). Students experienced this simple yet filling dish in week 8. Consisting of rice, sushi vinegar and seaweed, students realised that you don’t need many ingredients to make a fulfilling meal. Many students said that they were going to try making these at home over the summer break! 

Kampes Sensei 

Ms Amanda Kampes
Coordinator of Languages and International Education

Year 7 – 11 Prize Giving Assembly 

We recognised and celebrated approximately 160 students from Years 7 – 11 on Thursday 30th November for their contributions and achievements throughout 2023. We were very fortunate to be joined on the day by guest presenters and Award sponsors, parents and family members of the prize winners along with the staff and students from our school. 

The newly elected student leaders for 2024 – Lawrence French, Kaiwen He, Kahlan Mashford and Anton Kastanos, confidently and certainly very capably led the proceedings. 

Our school band, conducted by Mr Gareth Budd, led the music entertainment for the assembly sharing pieces they had played at this year's ABODA Bands Festival, while accompanying the choir for the National Anthem.

Payton Richardson provided us all with his very insightful perspective on his first year at Modbury High School as a year seven student. Owen Wythe and Caitlin Fraser then both spoke on behalf of the year eleven students, providing highlights of the year and some words of wisdom to the year ten students as they move into the senior school next year.  

Students were recognised this year for their contributions to their home group and student life program, the school and community programs, those who have shown academic improvement over the year, and of course outstanding academic achievement both in specific learning areas and consistently across the board in all subjects, achievement in the AMT Mathematics Competition and participation in the F1 in Schools program State Finals, Nationals and World Finals recently in Singapore. 

 We would like to thank the following sponsors of some of the awards presented: 

Our guests and award winners were provided a beautiful and very tasty morning tea, prepared and served by our Home Economics staff and students. 

Congratulations to all our students for 2023! 

Home Group Teacher Award Recipients 

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Special Options Class
701: Samuel Harris801: Lily Davey 912: Alexander Jones 1010: Kiera Evans1117: Will BuiJohn Fraser
702: Grace Dykstra 802: Alyssa Dyett 913: Josh Lay1011: Rachel Burgess 1118: Ravneet Kaur Linkin Tuohy
703: Jack Luijckx 803: Riley Hutchinson 9A1: Brooklyn Harris1015: Jaxon Harris 1119: Abbey Clarke 
704: Hudson Mentha 804: Sanvi Sanvi 9A5: Hannah Merrett 
1016: Raven Walters 1120: Jade Pelton 
705: Skye Parrish 
805: Riley Heffernan 9A6: Izzy Dube10H1: Het Shah 1121: Ryley Copeland 
707: Jasmeet Sammi 814: Lachlan Connolly 10H2: Reagile Hlatshwayo 

School Community Service Award Recipients

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
Fergus Bell 
Felix Brotherton-Collins 
Liam Horn 
Jacob Kakko 
Joshua Merrett 
Elliot Crabb 
Ava Huettenrauch 
Vivaan Rajpal  
Paige Sharpe 
Ella Taylor 
Melissa Benton 
Jess Freebairn 
Rylen Hay 
Ethan King 
Lucia Lewis 
Zanele Mangava 
Thomas Mills 
Emily Piacquadio 
Kash Saxena 
Lohit Singh 
Leila Suche 
Elliot Webster-Brown 
Tom Whistler
Regan Carter 
Rei Cook 
Keira Copeland 
Molly Cox 
Jed De Koning 
Marco Ebrahimi 
Emily Habgood 
Angus Haren 
Lauren Jolly 
Isla McGraw 
Xavier Paulson 
Noah Piutti 
Harvey Spencer 
Sanjam Bhujbal 
Caitlin Fraser 
Lawrence French 
Carlos Gray Claveria 
Kaiwen He 
Kahlan Mashford 
Hana Wong 
Owen Wythe 
Luke Zawada 

Finem Respice Award Recipients 

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
Maddison Hall Grace GrindleJason JohnsonLia Kais  Andrea Sualog 

Meritorious Award Recipients 

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
Armaan Babwani 
Fergus Bell 
Jack Clyma 
Chelsea Green 
Samantha Heward 
Sienna Hutchinson 
Brea Jijo 
Sibella Kastanos 
Benika Kaundal 
Payton Richardson 
Rachel Wagener 
Eileen Zhang 
Liam Bairstow 
Hayley Byrne 
Tyler Gaskin-Osborne 
Liam Hanlin 
Ava Huettenrauch 
Brendan Keast 
Roshani Rajkumar 
Vivaan Rajpal 
Paige Sharpe 
Demi Snider 
Kaitlyn Sollis 
Jules Sualog 
Gargee Vyas 
Evan Zawada 
Isha Bane 
Isabelle Cox 
Alex Dinedios 
Jess Freebairn 
Lily Grant-Allan 
Amerson Green 
Erika Griffiths 
Charli Hodson 
Ariel Lim 
Angelica Lizaso 
Hannah Lock 
Peter McMillan 
Saarakshya Sharma 
Aki Sicoy 
Leila Suche 
Scarlett Taylor 
Emily Totani 
Elliot Webster-Brown 
Tom Whistler 
Charlotte Bland 
Breanne Button 
Rei Cook 
Siba Ghamrawi 
Cameron Green 
Soheil Haidari 
Keilah Haldane 
Elise Harmer 
Luke Haskard 
Amber Hayward 
Imogen Janicki 
Christopher Kastanos 
Jade Kolman 
Danika Low 
Mia Ly 
Holly Manoel 
Isla McGraw 
Imogen McNamara 
Mika Osborne 
Belle Parrish 
Rania Saitov 
Bryce Sanders 
Caitlyn Scott  
Madhav Sharma 
Liezel Wong 
Emily Zhang 
Jasmin Andrews 
Madison Benton 
Jack Counihan-Abbott 
Sarah Crozier 
Asha Duldig 
Oscar Elder 
Kaiwen He 
Anton Kastanos 
Kahlan Mashford 
Lesedi Morupisi 
Jazsmin Smith 
Hana Wong 
Owen Wythe 

All-Rounder Award Recipients 

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
Fergus Bell Vivaan Rajpal Jess Freebairn Molly Cox   Kahlan Mashford

Dux for 2023 

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
Armaan Babwani Demi Snider Aki Sicoy Christopher Kastanos
Liezel Wong 
Jasmin Andrews 
Hana Wong 

Junior Sports Award Recipients

Kade Monteleone Maddison Carter Sydney Pocock 

ADF Award Recipients 

Year 10 Future Innovators Award Angus Haren 
Year 10 Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Xavier Paulson 

Year 11 Award Recipients 

Award NameStudent NameAward NameStudent Name
ZONTA Award Caitlin Fraser Languages Owen Wythe 
IDEA (Iannucci Design and Excellence Award)Quinn Duncan 
Anton Kastanos 
Music Award Jack Counihan-Abbott

Lesedi Morupisi 
Cross Disciplinary Hana Wong Technologies Mason Green 
EnglishHana Wong Future Physicists Award 
Oscar Elder 
HASS Lawrence French 

Mrs Woolford
Assistant Principal of Year 11 & 12

ACRUX Racing is Modbury High School's F1 in Schools National Final team

ACRUX Racing is Modbury High School's F1 in Schools National Final team. Apart of the competition is raising money through fundraisers and sponsorship and designing and manufacturing a car. 

Do you keep losing your jewellery? ACRUX Racing are selling Jewellery Holders that are the perfect gift for Christmas or for yourself! 

Order them now using this link:

School Student Broadband Initiative

The Australian Government has established the School Student Broadband Initiative (SSBI) to provide free home internet for one year for up to 30,000 unconnected families with school age students, creating an opportunity for students to access fast and reliable broadband internet at home. Research shows that children who can access online learning as part of their education are more likely to be engaged in classroom activities and have better educational experiences and opportunities.

nbn is leading implementation of this initiative and to date has been working closely with nominating organisations such as education authorities, national charities and community organisations who identify and nominate students and families who could benefit from the SSBI.

Access to the Australian Government SSBI is now easier for families, with the launch of the new National Referral Centre (NRC).

To be eligible, a family must have a child living at home that is enrolled in an Australian school, have no active broadband service over the nbn network, and live in a premises where they can access a standard nbn service. Families must not have had an active nbn connection during the previous 14 days.

Families can contact the NRC directly to check their eligibility and be supported to access the one year of free home broadband, rather than relying on being identified by a nominating organisation.

Help spread the word

The SSBI program is primarily intended as an affordability measure to help those with school-aged children who may be experiencing financial hardship. If you know someone who may be eligible for the SSBI, please help us to spread the word and share these three simple steps:

  1. Contact the National Referral Centre on 1800 954 610 (Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm AEDT), or by visiting the website: Call back and webchat functions are also available via the website.
  2. Eligibility check – the National Referral Centre team will assess the family’s eligibility by checking their residential address and asking some questions to determine if the family meets the Government’s eligibility criteria.
  3. If eligible, a voucher will be issued to be redeemed at any of the participating SSBI retail service providers. The National Referral Centre will also be available to assist with contacting an SSBI service provider of choice or providing follow-up support.

You can find more information about the NRC on Anglicare Victoria’s website available here: Student Internet Program - Anglicare Victoria

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Term 4 has been exceptionally busy, with several major events unfolding over the past five weeks. These include the Year 12 Breakfast, Year 12 Valedictory Assembly, Year 12 Exams, Remembrance Day, and the Year 7 Entrepreneurship Market Day.

Year 12 Breakfast

 The annual Year 12 breakfast occurred on Monday, October 30. Students arrived adorned in their modified uniforms, symbolizing the culmination of their high school journey. Ms. Woolford, Year 12 Assistant Principal, and teachers served a delightful pancake and bacon breakfast. Following this, students engaged in the Colour Run, creating a memorable experience for both teachers and students on the last day of school.

Year 12 Valedictory

The Valedictory Assembly, an outstanding annual event, was emceed by Ms. O'Brien-Dent and Ms. Woolford, along with the school captains. Many students were recognized for their exceptional achievements, receiving awards sponsored by the Modbury High School community. A proud moment for parents and students was the presentation of their High School graduation certificates. Attendees were treated to a delicious morning tea prepared by the Year 11 Home Economics class.

Thank you to Ms Woolford and Ms O'Brien- Dent for leading the planning and organising of this event.

Year 12 Graduation Evening

In addition to the Valedictory Assembly, Year 12 students, in collaboration with Ms. O'Brien-Dent, organized an informal Graduation Evening, a new initiative proposed by the students. The ceremony included students proudly walking into the gym wearing their graduation hats. Homegroup teachers presented the students to their parents and teachers. At the count of three by Ms. O'Brien-Dent, the students threw their hats into the air, symbolizing their graduation from High School. Following the formalities, parents, students, and teachers enjoyed a picnic dinner, with students relishing the evening with their classmates.

Congratulations to the organising committee and Ms O’Brien- Dent for this wonderful new initiative.

Fare well to the Year 12 Students

After 5 years of High school, it is time to say goodbye to our year 12 students. It has been a pleasure watching them grow into such wonderful young people.  On behalf of Modbury High School community, we wish them a bright future filled with everything they aspire and wish for, we wish them a happy life filled with good health and wonderful new experiences.

Remembrance Day

Modbury High School held the Remembrance Day Assembly on Friday, November 10, supported by the Catafalque party. Mr. McKie expertly emceed the event, with guest speaker Squadron Leader Dr Dennis Medlow addressing students. Mrs. McKie played the harp, singing The Greenfields of France”.  Modbury High School Concert Band, conducted by Mr. Budd and accompanied by Mr. McKie and his bagpipes presented Sailing” by Gavin Sutherland and arranged by M. Armstrong.

 Ms. Olivia Savas, along with School captains and I laid wreaths.

Year 7 Entrepreneurship Market Day:

On Friday, November 17, Year 7 students demonstrated their understanding of entrepreneurship by showcasing their small businesses during Market Day. The year 7 building buzzed with activity as students set up their stalls. Parents visited the stalls, supporting students by purchasing the items for sale. Ms. Stamati and her team of teachers were highly impressed by the students and the support they received from their parents.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in these events.

Ms Costa

Year 12 Breakfast and COlour Run

Year 12 Breakfast and Colour Run Celebration

On Monday, October 30th, our Year 12 students marked the end of their formal lessons with the much-anticipated 'Year 12 Breakfast' tradition. The day began with a breakfast where students enjoyed pancakes prepared by their teachers. Following this, the celebration continued with a slip and slide and colour run. Students showcased their creative flair by re-styling their uniforms, adding to the festivities! Both students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. As always, we extend our thanks to Terriann for capturing the spirit and excitement of the day through her incredible photography!