Dear Parents/Guardians/Caregivers

Welcome to the March edition of our newsletter. As always the last three weeks have been very busy as is evident by the articles presented. 

Student Voice Induction

On Monday 27 February we held our “Student Voice “Induction ceremony and Congress. The aim of the ceremony was to present the student voice representatives to the school community.

Member of Parliament for Newland, Olivia Savvas addressed the students and spoke of her personal Leadership experience. She inspired students by sharing her own story and letting students know that everything is possible if you have a goal and go after it with passion and determination. The ceremony concluded with the elected student representatives being presented with their SRC badge.

Following the ceremony, Matt Krieg, a leadership consultant, supported the students to explore leadership qualities and to ascertain what their focus for the year will be.

I am looking forward to working with the students and supporting them to positively influence the schools.

A very big thank you to Olivia Savvas for joining us on the day and for her inspiring speech. Thank you to Ms Downes for her planning and organisation of the induction ceremony and the leadership she provides to student voice. Thank you to Ms Moeller, Mr Ricci, Ms Nash and Ms O’Brien-Dent for their work with student voice.  

Sports Day

On Friday 10 March we held our school’s sports day. Although I was absent for the day due to my participation in an external review for another school, I heard many positive reports from students and teachers about what a fantastic day it was. Congratulations to all the students who participated in events and supported their house to accumulate points.

Congratulations to Gilmore for once again winning first place!


NAPLaN testing started on Wednesday 15 March. It is envisaged that all tests including catch up tests for students who have been absent for any aspect of the tests will be finalised by the middle of next week.

Thank you to Ms Shelly Brown, Deputy Principal for her planning and organisation of the tests. Thank you also to all the teachers who have been supervising the tests and Mr Francois Vorstman, ICT Manager for his organisation and assistance of the ICT required for the successful administration of the tests.

School’s Values

School values are essential in building a positive and vibrant culture. Values connect people to the institution they are affiliated with. Our school is proud of its current values of Respect and of a Culture of high achievement. These values have been critical in the positive school culture which exists at Modbury. However, after discussions with staff and students it was evident that other values should be incorporated, values which reflect other aspects of our school community. For this reason Ms Hannah Downes, Assistant Principal of Learning Environment, together with Matt Krieg are currently leading a group of staff and students representatives to evaluate the school’s current vision and values. The aim is for students and staff to determine what other values they see as important and significant for our school. Once they determine a set of values, they will share it with the whole community with the aim of a whole school agreement on what our school values should be.

Work Completion Policy for Years 7-10

In 2022, after extensive consultation with teachers and student voice, the work completion policy was updated with some significant changes. The changes to the policy occurred because in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the policy, it was determined that it did not support students to develop effective time management and study habits. The new policy requires students to take more responsibility for their learning and for parents to support their child and the school by monitoring their child’s progress. The policy states that when students fail to submit a draft, the teacher will alert the parent, the teacher will not issue a consequence at this point in time. However, the parent can request that the student be placed in the Learning Centre to complete the task. If this does not happen and the student fails to submit the final task by the due date, they will be given a zero.

I encourage all parents who may receive a Daymap message indicating that their child has not completed a draft of any given task to contact the school and ask that their child be enrolled into the Learning Centre at lunch time to complete the draft. This is important as drafts provide students with feedback on how they can improve their work.

Ms Joanne Costa


Each term, the school acknowledges the students who achieve exceptional end-of-term results.

Outstanding Achievement awards are presented to students who obtained the maximum number of A grades for their year level (i.e. a GPA of 7). We will recognise the academic achievement of these students at our Outstanding Achievers Recess along with Term 1 achievers at the beginning of Term 2, 2023.

High Achievement awards are presented to students who obtain one fewer A grade than the maximum for their year level.

Congratulations to these students!

Outstanding Achievement

Year 8

Emily Tontani

Saarakshya Sharma

Shahanna McMillan

Jess Freebairn

Aki Sicoy

Year 9

Molly Cox

Liezel Wong

Amber Hayward

Breanne Button

Bowie Morgan

Christopher Kastanos

Parisha Gautam

Keilah Haldane

Madhav Sharma

Year 10

Finley Bradtke

Anton Kastanos

Hana Wong

Ella Martin

Kaiwen He

Jack Counihan-Abbott

Oscar Elder        

Year 11

Lydia Wighton

Jak Kastanos

Sienna Garstka

Angelina Hansen

Matthew Maletto

High Achievement

Year 7

Kaitlyn Sollis

Gargee Vyas

Demi Snider

Vivaan Rajpal

Hannah Joseph

Liam Hanlin

Rohami Rajkumar

Alexis Smith

Isabella Wright

Kura Whenan

Jules Sulaog

Paige Sharpe

Ella Taylor

Evan Zawada

Angel Surani

Year 8

Elliot Webster-Brown

Isha Bane

Ariel Lim

Melissa Benton

Tom Whistler

Hannah Merrett

Angelica Lizaso

Scarlett Taylor

Charli Hodson

Charli Juhl

Kayla Skurrie

Sienna Morgan

Madeline Langley

Hannah Lock

Sophia Raissa

Isabelle Cox

Emily Piacquadio

Avnoor Kaur

Year 9

Soheil Haidari

Danika Low

Mia Ly

Belle Parrish

Cameron Green

Elise Harmer

Isla McGraw

Mika Osborne

Jordyn Cook

Rania Saitov

Imogen Janicki

Bryce Sanders

Michael Van Der Hoek

Rachel Burgess

Jade Kolman

Emily Zhang

Tori Ashman

Jack Rose

Alex Zhukovskiy

Keira Copeland

Charlotte Bland

Daniel Wagener

Daniel Cook

Alecia Saldavia

Lara Murphy

Lia Kais

Kai Goulding

Erin McLeod

Holly Manoel

Year 10

Kahlan Mashford

Jasmin Andrews

Asha Duldig

Mason Green

Lara Somfai

Madison Benton

Owen Wythe

Andrea Sualog

Teagan Parmiter

Jade Pelton

Luke Zawada

Riley Barton

Carlos Gray-Claveria

Cooper Garland-McNamara

Lawrence French

Year 11

Jeran Tiong

Nyx Little

Yalarasey Sooriyakumar

Brianna Mesecke

William Wighton

Rachel Davies

Ms Joanne Costa

International Students

2023 has seen the return of international students at Modbury High School. We currently have 13 short term students from Japan and 3 long term students from India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. The students have settled into life quite quickly and done a variety of activities in school and with their host families. 

The short-term students will begin leaving in week 8 and although they have only been with us for a short time, they will be missed by their fellow students and staff alike.  

International students wouldn’t be able to attend schools in South Australia if it wasn’t for host families. Host families are reimbursed for their time and make new friends from all over the world. If you are interested in becoming a host for an international student, contact Amanda Kampes at the school for more information. 

Amanda Kampes 

Coordinator of Languages and International Education. 

Harura’s Birthday Party!

On February 28th, We Japanese students had a party! The star was Harura. 

Her real birthday is February 29th, but it comes only once every four years, so we held it the day before. In short she is only 3 years old. 

We had pizza and donuts. The birthday girl ate kinds of pizza and lots of donuts and looked very happy!!! 

We had pizza and donuts. The birthday girl ate kinds of pizza and lots of donuts and looked very happy!!!

She was celebrated by many people from Japan.

There is no doubt that her birthday in Australia was a special one for her.

Happy birthday Harura! 🙂

By Kohane Yamada (Yr 11) 

International Student’s Welcome Party 

On 22th,February. We went to Welcome Party at The University of South Australia. The members are Yuta, Kohane, Will, Bumhika, Nagomi, Fumika, Kazuhiro, Saki, Rina, Yushi, Kanon, Wae, Harura, Ms.Kampes and Ms.Baulch. At the welcome party , we watched a traditional Australian dance and saw Australian animals such as baby quokkas and snakes. After that, we visited the booths individually. Some of the booths were where you could try wrapping a snake around your neck, and others were where you could try playimg Australian cricket and Australian foo ball, which are very popular in Australia. At a booth where commemorative photos could be taken, everyone joined the teachers for a photo. Everyone seemed happy to see their school friends after a long time.                             

 It was an exciting, different day and a lot of fun.  

By Yuta Imanishi (Yr 11) 

2023 Year 12 Formal Update 

A reminder to parents, caregivers and students that Year 12 Formal ticket final payments are due by Thursday 6th April (Week 10). Final payment of the remaining $70.00 can be made through the QKR app, bank transfer (BSB 065150 Acct No. 10649930), or at the finance office. The Year 12’s have voted on a theme for the 2023 formal, which is ‘Enchanted Forest’. The formal committee has begun their fundraising efforts and did a great job with back-to-back burger flipping last week on Tuesday and Wednesday at lunchtime, we have two upcoming fundraisers advertised below – a fantastic effort by the formal committee for organising these!

On Tuesday March 28th, the Formal Committee have also organised a ‘pop up’ event through With Love Formal Wear, a charity that donates preloved formal dresses and suits to students who need them (no cost involved) – this will take place from 4:00pm – 6:00pm in the Year 12 Flexis, parents/caregivers are welcome to attend with their child. 

Centre for creative photography

Natures Reclamation by Carlos Gray-Claveria

I had seen countless photos of Port Willunga and its jetty poles, however I had never seen one so close to the water, one that really brought the viewer in. This exact photo had been in my head for weeks before getting there. Once I arrived, and waited for sunset, I realised my luck wasn't on point. The clouds blocked the sun, and I knew the photo would come out an eyesore, however I still rushed in for the photo, lifting my camera on its tripod in and out of the water as I went for the shot as some waves could have engulfed it. Due to the conditions, It came out quite bad, however with post-processing magic I was able to fix and make a photo I am truly proud of. It was great to see my work displayed somewhere too.

-By Carlos Gray-Claveria

A huge congratulations to Carlos Gray-Claveria for getting an Honourable mention for the High School Student photography awards for 2023. Cannot wait to see more of your amazing work.

Year 10 Road safety

On Tuesday the 14th of February all the year 10s in Modbury High School attended a drivers safety meeting with Darren Davis from the Get Home Safe Foundation. Darren talked us through the importance of seatbelts and how they could possibly save your life in a crash. He then told us about how bad texting and driving is. He continued with saying that more drivers die from texting and driving than drink driving. 

Near the end of the meeting one of the students from each class was given the opportunity to drive in Australia’s only VR car simulator while in an actual car. While the one student had their headset, on the rest of the class could see the simulation on a TV. 

The key take aways from this meeting were when you are driving prepare to stop, and if you’re in the car with someone who has either, been drinking or texting and driving you should say something or get out of the car. Darren did an amazing job at telling everyone all the safety requirements of driving especially since most of us will be driving this year. All the students that went to Darren’s meeting will remember it. 

By Amber Crebbin 

international women's day

On March 8th, Seda College held the International Women's Day breakfast, and Modbury students were invited to attend. Upon arrival, we were given goodie bags containing food coupons, Catherine House information packets, sky diving and float vouchers, a face mask, a health bar, and flyers for MAS, Peer, and ATEC when we arrived at the location. Over brunch, we were given the opportunity to network and socialise with other women and students from various schools who attended the event, as well as representatives from MAC, Peer and ATEC. We stood in the rain as Uncle John delivered the welcome to country, which was a surreal experience that allowed us to feel connected to the earth. Strong female leaders who have succeeded in male-dominated careers, such as sports or trades, contributed to the event's tremendous force through an engaging panel. The women on the panel included engineer Winnie and plumber trainer Brittany from PEER, Marena Wittle from Adelaide Lightning, Anne Hatchard (Hatchy) from Adelaide Crows, Tayla Williams from Adelaide Thunderbirds and Dylan Holmes from Adelaide United. This event was motivational and inspiring, giving us the chance to be empowered and pursue the job paths we are interested in. I recommend the event and hope Modbury will be asked again next year! Thank you to Ms O’brien-Dent for organising the excursion for some year 11 and 12 female leaders. 

by Dakota Stephenson

Ms Madelin O'Brien-Dent
Year 11/12 Manager

Ms Emma Baulch
Counselling Coordinator, Psychology and English Teacher

Welcome to Modbury High School’s ICAS Competition! 

We are excited to announce that we are once again offering our students the chance to participate in the ICAS Assessments this year. Academic competitions are a wonderful way to challenge and engage students, and the ICAS Assessments are no exception. 

With over forty years of experience developing assessments for schools, ICAS Assessments are designed to provide teachers and parents with insights into improving learning and rewarding academic success. The tests are engaging, and the processes are rigorous, ensuring high standards are met. 

Participating in academic competitions like the ICAS Assessments can bring numerous benefits to students. Here are the top ten benefits of academic competitions for students: 

  1. Competitions naturally build soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. 
  1. Competitions help students build in-demand STEM skills, such as critical thinking and data analysis. 
  1. Your participation (or award!) in a competition looks fantastic on your CV or job applications, helping you stand out from the crowd. 
  1. Competitions can boost your chances of being accepted into a selective school or scholarship program. 
  1. Participating in competitions helps students feel more comfortable in an assessment or exam setting, improving their confidence in their academic abilities. 
  1. Competitions encourage students to strive for improvement and success, helping them develop a growth mindset. 
  1. Competitions can help students discover their strengths and interests, leading to better academic and career choices. 
  1. By going beyond the curriculum, competitions encourage a lifelong love of learning, which is crucial for personal and professional development. 
  1. Competitions provide a platform for academic prowess to shine, promoting a culture of excellence in education. 
  1. Competitions are fun! They provide an opportunity for students to showcase their skills and knowledge in a friendly and supportive environment. 

If you're interested in your child participating in the ICAS Assessments, please log in to the parental portal and make payment for the tests they will be sitting.  

The school access code is: SYD252 

The parental page link is: 

The cost of the tests is $19.25 each, and the ICAS Writing Assessment costs $23.65. The tests will be held at Modbury High School and administered by Kristina Palmer. 

Digital Technologies  7 August – 11 August 
Writing 7 August – 11 August 
English 14 August – 18 August 
Science 21 August – 25 August 
Spelling Bee 21 August – 25 August 
Mathematics  28 Aug- 1 September  

We hope that you will take advantage of this fantastic opportunity for your child to challenge themselves and demonstrate their academic abilities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact test administrator and English/EALD Coordinator.  

Ms Kristina Palmer
Test Administrator and English/EALD Coordinator

Exploring the Central Nervous System: A Sheep Brain Dissection 9 Science 

In our science class, we recently completed a practical that gave students the opportunity to learn about the central nervous system by dissecting a sheep's brain. This activity was an excellent way for students to understand the structure of the brain and its components. 

By dissecting a sheep's brain, students were able to examine the various parts of the brain and learn about their functions such as:  
1. that the cerebrum is responsible for processing information related to language, sensation, and movement.  

2. that the cerebellum is involved in coordinating movement and balance, and that the brain stem controls vital functions like breathing and heartbeat. 

The dissection began with a brief overview of the anatomy of the brain, including the cerebrum, cerebellum, and brain stem. Students then had the opportunity to observe and identify each of these structures in the sheep's brain.  

Overall, the sheep brain dissection was a valuable activity for our students. It provided them with hands-on experience in learning about the central nervous system and helped them to understand the importance of this complex organ in our daily lives. By exploring the structure and function of the brain, students were able to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the human body.

Mr Paul Gavini
STEM Teacher

swimming Championships

On Friday 3rd March, Liam Nash (year 8), Hudson Mentha (year 7) represented Modbury High School as Individual Swimmers at the Secondary Schools Swimming Championships held at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre. Unfortunately, a couple of girls were unable to attend.

Liam performed extremely well, coming 4th in Backstroke, 6th in Breaststroke and 8th in Freestyle.  He was competing against some tough competition in the 14-year-old age group however he achieved personal best times in all his swims.  Congratulations Liam.

Hudson had a great day with 3 PBs from his 5 swims. From this he was awarded 2 firsts in Butterfly & 50m Freestyle and 3 second places in backstroke, breaststroke & 100m freestyle in the 11-12-year-old age group. Congratulations Hudson

Thank you to their parents for providing assistance and transportation on the day. Well done to all students for representing the school proudly.


Mr Brendan Schiller
Sports Coordinator
Health & Physical Education Teacher

Dear Parent / Caregivers / Guardians,

Welcome to the first edition of the 2023 Newsletters. I am very pleased to say that the year has started well, with a number of significant events taking place over the last 3 weeks.

School Improvement

Our school vision continues to be about the provision of quality education for all students and the creation of excellence in student 21st century learning, in a global context. We aim to provide a high quality education to all students so that they develop the knowledge, skills and attributes to be successful in life. We value a culture of respect and high achievement.

To enact our vision and ensure that our students are successful, over the last 3 years we had set ourselves 3 goals:

Although progress has been made in all three areas, our rigorous evaluation in 2022 illustrated that there are aspects of this work that need to continue. Hence in 2023 the whole school will continue to implement goal 1 and 2. The Mathematics Learning Area will be responsible for the implementation of goal 3.

2022 Year 12 Results

Congratulations to the 2022 Year 12 students who achieved excellent results. This cohort of students achieved 100% SACE completion, no failing grades and 72% A and B grades. Every student who applied for a university course have either received their first or second preference. Additionally, many students who applied for an apprenticeship were successful.

A very big thank you to all the teachers and parents for their support of the students.

Achievement Assembly

On Monday 13 February, we welcomed back the 2022 Year 12 High Achievers. A whole school assembly was held in their honour. Students who achieved an ATAR of 90 and above and those who achieved 3 or more A‘s were presented with a certificates commemorating their excellent work.  Hadeia Khwaja was named the 2022 Dux of the school with an ATAR of 96.65, which was upgraded to 99.9 based on the bonus points she acquired by studying English and Mathematics. In her speech to the students Hadeia encouraged them to work hard to aim high but still have time for fun. Following the assembly, parents, students, and special guests were invited to a morning tea.

International Program

A very warm welcome to our newly arrived International Students. After a 3 year pause in International Education due to Covid, this year we welcomed 19 international students to our school. Some are staying for 5 weeks, others for a term and some for at least 2 years. This is not only a great experience for the international students but also for our students who get to work closely with students from different cultures.

Parent Information Evenings

The week starting Monday 13 Feb we held our Parent Acquaintance Nights. It was pleasing to see so many parents attend each of the evenings. Year Level Leaders and Relevant Executives spoke to the parents and provided general information. Following their presentation parents had the opportunity to meet with their child’s homegroup teacher and the parents of their child’s classmates. Homegroup teachers spoke about a variety of topics such as attendance, uniform, Daymap, daily routines etc.

Thank you to all the parents who attended, it was great to see you there.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General meeting was held on Thursday 16 February. Governing Council Chair Martin Crabb welcomed all parents and spoke of the importance of the Council’s work. The Annual School report, Governing Council report and Finance report were tabled and presented.  Four positions were declared open and new nominations were sought. I am pleased that all positions were filled.

Elections for the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Deputy Chair will take place at the first Governing Council meeting which will take place on Wednesday 22 February.

Ms Joanne Costa

High Achievers - From Year 12 2022 Cohort

Year 12 ‘Class of 2022’

48.1% of our students achieved an A in at least 1 subject, from those who completed SACE 

The students who achieved A+ with Merit, 90+ ATAR and/or 3 or more A grade results were formally recognised at the beginning of 2023 in a special Achievement Assembly. 

Outstanding Student Achievers for 2022

We would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding results in 2022.

Students who achieved an A+ with Merit for their subjects: 

Amy Mykytyschyn – Research Project B

Daniel Piacquadio – Research Project B

Kendrick Rabe – Research Project B

Students who achieved three or more A grades for their subjects:  

NINA SUKACZ - Three A grades for Essential English, Material Solutions – Woodwork and Music Performance Ensemble. 

SHANAE HARGRAVE - Three A grades for Integrated Learning (Psychology), English and Research Project 

SHAELYN BRADTKE - Four A grades for Music Explorations, Music Performance Ensemble, Research Project and Visual Arts – Art. 

EMMY MURPHY - Five A grades for Psychology, Food & Hospitality, Research Project, English and General Mathematics 

The following students have achieved an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Acceptance Ranking) of 80+ out of a possible maximum 99.95. These students have achieved in the top 20% of the students across the state who also sought an ATAR. They have also met the compulsory requirements of the SACE. 

82.15 - Arry Sidhu

84.00Sara Flaifil

84.45Tamanna Yadav

85.85Andy Chong

86.30Andrew Wong

86.95Shaelyn Bradtke

87.50Mali Emery

88.40Kiran Singh

89.90Emmy Murphy

The next students not only received three or more A grades, but also an ATAR above 90, placing them in the top 10% of the state.

AMY MYKYTYSCHYN - Four A grades for Research Project, Psychology, English and General Mathematics and received an ATAR of 90.40 

ASHLEE MCLEOD - Three A grades for Research Project, English and Mathematical Methods and received an ATAR of 91.45 

ZODEE ZAWADZKI Five A grades for Food & Hospitality, Legal Studies, Psychology, Research Project and English and received an ATAR of 91.85 

HOLLY BENGER Four A grades for Psychology, Research Project, Visual Arts – Arts and General Mathematics and received an ATAR of 91.90 

EMMA SHEPPARD - Three A grades for English, Psychology and Research Project and received an ATAR of 92.10 

KENDRICK RABE Five A grades for Research Project, Physics, Biology, English and Mathematical Methods and received an ATAR of 93.20 

DANIEL PIACQUADIO Four A grades for Research Project, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods and Physics and received an ATAR of 94.40 

LILY DONSBERG Four A grades for Physical Education, Research Project, General Mathematics and Psychology and received an ATAR of 94.95 

Congratulations to our Dux of 2022 with an ATAR of 96.40 - Hadeia Khwaja

Hadeia receivedfive A grades for Research Project, Chemistry, English, Biology and Mathematical Methods.

Congratulations to our outstanding achievers for 2022 – we wish you all the best for your future pathways. 

Ms Louise Woolford
Assistant Principal for Year 11 & 12

Ms Madelin O'Brien-Dent
Year 11/12 Leader

Charlotte's Air Rifle Tour

The tour was made up of competitions in Innsbruck (Austria), Munich (Germany) and Pilsen (Czech Republic).

On the tour, I competed in 7 competitions across 3 weeks with competitors from all over the globe.

My best result was 9th place in Pilsen out of 32 competitors up to 21 years of age.

While on the tour we also had time to experience the European winter including tobogganing up in the mountains overlooking Innsbruck, a day trip into the centre of Munich and sightseeing in Prague.

My next goal is to qualify for the Australian team competing in the Junior World Cup in Suhl (Germany) and the Junior World Championships in Changwon (Korea) later in the year.

- Charlotte Bland

Japan Information meeting on Monday 27 February

Please RSVP to Ms Kampes

Join Modbury High School's STEM club and explore the exciting world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics! The club meets every Wednesday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm and offers a range of exciting projects such as 3D Design and 3D printing, Robotics with Arduino, VR and Flight Simulation. In addition, the club is hosting a coding competition run by the National Computer Science School, offering a unique opportunity to showcase your coding skills. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced programmer, come along and be a part of this dynamic learning community. Sign up today and discover your potential in STEM!

Keep an eye on Daymap for the nomination link.

Mr Glen McKie
Maths/STEM Coordinator

Mr James Dundon
Science/Stem/Data Coordinator

Unlock your full potential in maths by attending “Maths..? Help!” sessions during lunchtime in the STEM building - with Mrs McKie on Tuesdays and Mr Krznaric on Wednesdays.  
(Yes, you can bring your lunch!) 
We believe in you and your ability to be successful in maths, so don’t hold back! Get expert support with maths homework, investigations, or test preparation. Stay for 5, 20 or 40 minutes – YOU choose.

All students from Years 7 to 12 are welcome. 

To book a tour click here

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil - 2022

Jayden Stephens was successful with his artwork titled 'Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil' based on environmental destruction. The artwork consisted of 2 A3 individual pieces sitting side by side connected by 2 figures back to back, depicting environmental decay in black & white pen and ink juxtaposed with a vibrant colourful acrylic landscape of what nature can offer. 

Ms Amanda Lewis
Art Teacher

For more information on the SACE Art Show, click here

Year 12 Orientation Day

The Year 12 students had an engaging and memorable Orientation Day on January 30th. They started the day with a game of 'Werewords' to get to know their new Home Group peers and teachers, followed by a practical study skills session with Mr. Vu. During morning tea, they mingled with former scholars and received valuable advice for the upcoming year. The day also included informative presentations on UniSA and the National Careers Institute, as well as a well-being session run by Ms. Baulch. In the afternoon, students participated in friendly Home Group vs. Home Group games of Tunnel Ball and Golden Child, which brought them together and created a positive and energetic atmosphere. Overall, the Year 12 students had a successful and enjoyable Orientation Day.

Ms. O'Brien-Dent
Year 11/12 Year Level Leader


To view future events and important dates please see our calendar - here.

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