Modbury High School’s athletes, headed to the Bridgestone Athletics Centre, Salisbury, in week 8 of term 1, 2024, just three short days following our ow school Sports Day. Due to the heat waves and NAPLAN causing disruption and date changes for this event it meant only 4 schools would end up competing on the day. A mixture of North Eastern and Western Zone schools.  

Having to number each competitor on arrival, and make sure everyone was getting to their events on time, it was a credit to all who were able to compete to the best of their abilities. Due to the low number of schools in attendance there were many places and ribbons getting around for Modbury students so we appeared to be doing very well. We saw some personal bests and some strong performances.  

We came out of the day with 7 of the possible 10 year level shields, we claimed the Boys shield and even though we had some close competition from Banksia Park throughout the day we once again come away winning the overall championship shield for 2024. 

Some of our best athletes included:  

2024 Combined Zone Vista Track & Field Champions 


First time competing in ‘A’ grade 

Friday of week 10 of term 1, 2024, saw Modbury High School’s Athletics team headed to the Athletics SA Stadium at Mile End, to compete against some of the biggest and strongest schools from across the State. Modbury High School competed in A2 Grade after winning the two previous years in B1 and finally being given promotion.  

Despite being without some of our best athletes, the entire team put in an amazing effort to achieve some impressive results, with many personal bests. Modbury High School won the boys’ overall competition, finished 7th in the girls to finish 4th in the combined competition. A very good result considering we lost some of our best athletes from the year before and we were without a couple due to injury. Who knows what we may have accomplished?  

There were some fantastic contributions throughout the day but of note: 

Kelly McInerney came 1st in all four of the events he was allowed to enter in and just missed out on a couple of Standard awards for exceptional athletes, placing them in the top 3% of athletes across every grade and school in the State.  

Cooper Merry Placed in all four of his events winning two 

Ella Turner placed in her three long distance running events 

Kooper Deer placed in his 3 events winning two  

Among the many fine individual results, we competed strongly as a team and were very happy with our first overall result in A2 grade and look forward to hopefully improving on that next year. 

Mr Brendan Schiller
Sports Coordinator

We believe in a culture of achievement in a respectful and rigorous learning environment