Issue 12

Dear Parents / Caregivers

As we approach the end of another remarkable year, it's time to reflect on the incredible journey we've had together. The 2023 academic year has been filled with academic achievements, cross-curricular successes, and many enriching experiences for our students.

Academic Excellence

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated staff, hardworking students, and supportive parents for their unwavering commitment to education. Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones in academic pursuits, setting a high standard for excellence that will resonate for years to come.


Term 4 has been particularly productive, showcasing the spirit of collaboration and the diversity of talents within our school community. Currently 30 of our students are representing us in an international basketball tournament in America, fostering cultural exchange and sportsmanship on a global scale.

Week 9 Program

The last week of term was nothing short of extraordinary, with students actively participating in a range of enriching short courses designed by our dedicated teachers. These courses, including excursions to the museum, city scavenger hunts, visits to Cleland Wildlife Park, game-making, Christmas card creation, arts and crafts, Christmas cookie baking, a whole day of trivia, mini-Olympics, swimming, and a whole day of stem provided our students with new and exciting learning opportunities outside the traditional classroom setting. To end the week and celebrate the last day of the year we had a disco in the gym.

Our students embraced these experiences with enthusiasm, gaining valuable skills and forming lasting memories. It is heartening to witness the passion for learning that our students demonstrate, and I am immensely proud of their accomplishments.

Thank You

As we finish the year, I extend my deepest gratitude to our exceptional staff for their dedication, our students for their hard work and enthusiasm, and our parents for their continued support. Your collective efforts have made this year a success, and we look forward to building on this momentum in the coming years.

As we enter the holidays, I wish each and every one of you a joyous and relaxing holiday season. May this time be filled with laughter, love, and the warmth of shared moments with family and friends. I look forward to seeing all of you in the new year, ready to embark on another year of learning, growth, and success.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Modbury High School community.


Joanne Costa

Ms Costa

Japan Study Tour 

In the Term 3 holidays, our dedicated teachers Ms Amanda Kampes and Mr Ryan Ricci, along with 16 students from years 8 to 12, embarked on a captivating journey north to Japan – the land of the rising sun! They explored the vibrant metropolis of Tokyo, the historic allure of Osaka, the country hospitality of Asakuchi, the poignant history of Hiroshima, the cultural richness of Nara and the timeless beauty of Kyoto. 

From navigating the bustling streets of Tokyo to exploring serene temples in Kyoto, we learned about the profound history and rich traditions of Japan, deepening our appreciation for this remarkable nation. 

We’re grateful for the meticulous planning and dedication put into this trip by Amanda Kampes, who ensured that every moment was educational and an unforgettable experience. Through these extraordinary journeys we can broaden our students’ horizons, and we eagerly anticipate more overseas adventures in the future. 

Japan has left an incredible mark on these students and we look forward to offering this to experience to others in future years. 

Ms Amanda Kampes
Coordinator of Languages and International Education

Miniature Float Design

Earlier this year, some of the Year 7-10 Art classes participated in creating a float design for National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant miniature float competition. 

Congratulations to the following students who have received honorary mentions from National Pharmacies for their designs placing in the top 10 and top 40 selections from over 700 entries!  

Top 10: 

  • Imogen Janicki 
  • Scarlett Taylor 
  • Paige Sharpe 

Top 40: 

  • Erika Griffiths 
  • Elissa Mills 
  • Shaelee Hermann 
  • Hayley Byrne 
  • Hasifa Mbatudde 
  • Chelsea Green 


Year 8 and 9 Japanese classes finished off their year of studies by making and eating onigiri (rice balls). Students experienced this simple yet filling dish in week 8. Consisting of rice, sushi vinegar and seaweed, students realised that you don’t need many ingredients to make a fulfilling meal. Many students said that they were going to try making these at home over the summer break! 

Kampes Sensei 

Ms Amanda Kampes
Coordinator of Languages and International Education

Year 7 – 11 Prize Giving Assembly 

We recognised and celebrated approximately 160 students from Years 7 – 11 on Thursday 30th November for their contributions and achievements throughout 2023. We were very fortunate to be joined on the day by guest presenters and Award sponsors, parents and family members of the prize winners along with the staff and students from our school. 

The newly elected student leaders for 2024 – Lawrence French, Kaiwen He, Kahlan Mashford and Anton Kastanos, confidently and certainly very capably led the proceedings. 

Our school band, conducted by Mr Gareth Budd, led the music entertainment for the assembly sharing pieces they had played at this year's ABODA Bands Festival, while accompanying the choir for the National Anthem.

Payton Richardson provided us all with his very insightful perspective on his first year at Modbury High School as a year seven student. Owen Wythe and Caitlin Fraser then both spoke on behalf of the year eleven students, providing highlights of the year and some words of wisdom to the year ten students as they move into the senior school next year.  

Students were recognised this year for their contributions to their home group and student life program, the school and community programs, those who have shown academic improvement over the year, and of course outstanding academic achievement both in specific learning areas and consistently across the board in all subjects, achievement in the AMT Mathematics Competition and participation in the F1 in Schools program State Finals, Nationals and World Finals recently in Singapore. 

 We would like to thank the following sponsors of some of the awards presented: 

  • The Zonta Club of Para Hills District 
  • Sam Iannucci (Modbury HS Old Scholar) 
  • Ms Frances Bedford 
  • Ms Olivia Savvas MP 
  • Australian Defence Force 

Our guests and award winners were provided a beautiful and very tasty morning tea, prepared and served by our Home Economics staff and students. 

Congratulations to all our students for 2023! 

Home Group Teacher Award Recipients 

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Special Options Class
701: Samuel Harris801: Lily Davey 912: Alexander Jones 1010: Kiera Evans1117: Will BuiJohn Fraser
702: Grace Dykstra 802: Alyssa Dyett 913: Josh Lay1011: Rachel Burgess 1118: Ravneet Kaur Linkin Tuohy
703: Jack Luijckx 803: Riley Hutchinson 9A1: Brooklyn Harris1015: Jaxon Harris 1119: Abbey Clarke 
704: Hudson Mentha 804: Sanvi Sanvi 9A5: Hannah Merrett 
1016: Raven Walters 1120: Jade Pelton 
705: Skye Parrish 
805: Riley Heffernan 9A6: Izzy Dube10H1: Het Shah 1121: Ryley Copeland 
707: Jasmeet Sammi 814: Lachlan Connolly 10H2: Reagile Hlatshwayo 

School Community Service Award Recipients

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
Fergus Bell 
Felix Brotherton-Collins 
Liam Horn 
Jacob Kakko 
Joshua Merrett 
Elliot Crabb 
Ava Huettenrauch 
Vivaan Rajpal  
Paige Sharpe 
Ella Taylor 
Melissa Benton 
Jess Freebairn 
Rylen Hay 
Ethan King 
Lucia Lewis 
Zanele Mangava 
Thomas Mills 
Emily Piacquadio 
Kash Saxena 
Lohit Singh 
Leila Suche 
Elliot Webster-Brown 
Tom Whistler
Regan Carter 
Rei Cook 
Keira Copeland 
Molly Cox 
Jed De Koning 
Marco Ebrahimi 
Emily Habgood 
Angus Haren 
Lauren Jolly 
Isla McGraw 
Xavier Paulson 
Noah Piutti 
Harvey Spencer 
Sanjam Bhujbal 
Caitlin Fraser 
Lawrence French 
Carlos Gray Claveria 
Kaiwen He 
Kahlan Mashford 
Hana Wong 
Owen Wythe 
Luke Zawada 

Finem Respice Award Recipients 

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
Maddison Hall Grace GrindleJason JohnsonLia Kais  Andrea Sualog 

Meritorious Award Recipients 

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
Armaan Babwani 
Fergus Bell 
Jack Clyma 
Chelsea Green 
Samantha Heward 
Sienna Hutchinson 
Brea Jijo 
Sibella Kastanos 
Benika Kaundal 
Payton Richardson 
Rachel Wagener 
Eileen Zhang 
Liam Bairstow 
Hayley Byrne 
Tyler Gaskin-Osborne 
Liam Hanlin 
Ava Huettenrauch 
Brendan Keast 
Roshani Rajkumar 
Vivaan Rajpal 
Paige Sharpe 
Demi Snider 
Kaitlyn Sollis 
Jules Sualog 
Gargee Vyas 
Evan Zawada 
Isha Bane 
Isabelle Cox 
Alex Dinedios 
Jess Freebairn 
Lily Grant-Allan 
Amerson Green 
Erika Griffiths 
Charli Hodson 
Ariel Lim 
Angelica Lizaso 
Hannah Lock 
Peter McMillan 
Saarakshya Sharma 
Aki Sicoy 
Leila Suche 
Scarlett Taylor 
Emily Totani 
Elliot Webster-Brown 
Tom Whistler 
Charlotte Bland 
Breanne Button 
Rei Cook 
Siba Ghamrawi 
Cameron Green 
Soheil Haidari 
Keilah Haldane 
Elise Harmer 
Luke Haskard 
Amber Hayward 
Imogen Janicki 
Christopher Kastanos 
Jade Kolman 
Danika Low 
Mia Ly 
Holly Manoel 
Isla McGraw 
Imogen McNamara 
Mika Osborne 
Belle Parrish 
Rania Saitov 
Bryce Sanders 
Caitlyn Scott  
Madhav Sharma 
Liezel Wong 
Emily Zhang 
Jasmin Andrews 
Madison Benton 
Jack Counihan-Abbott 
Sarah Crozier 
Asha Duldig 
Oscar Elder 
Kaiwen He 
Anton Kastanos 
Kahlan Mashford 
Lesedi Morupisi 
Jazsmin Smith 
Hana Wong 
Owen Wythe 

All-Rounder Award Recipients 

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
Fergus Bell Vivaan Rajpal Jess Freebairn Molly Cox   Kahlan Mashford

Dux for 2023 

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
Armaan Babwani Demi Snider Aki Sicoy Christopher Kastanos
Liezel Wong 
Jasmin Andrews 
Hana Wong 

Junior Sports Award Recipients

Kade Monteleone Maddison Carter Sydney Pocock 

ADF Award Recipients 

Year 10 Future Innovators Award Angus Haren 
Year 10 Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Xavier Paulson 

Year 11 Award Recipients 

Award NameStudent NameAward NameStudent Name
ZONTA Award Caitlin Fraser Languages Owen Wythe 
IDEA (Iannucci Design and Excellence Award)Quinn Duncan 
Anton Kastanos 
Music Award Jack Counihan-Abbott

Lesedi Morupisi 
Cross Disciplinary Hana Wong Technologies Mason Green 
EnglishHana Wong Future Physicists Award 
Oscar Elder 
HASS Lawrence French 

Mrs Woolford
Assistant Principal of Year 11 & 12

ACRUX Racing is Modbury High School's F1 in Schools National Final team

ACRUX Racing is Modbury High School's F1 in Schools National Final team. Apart of the competition is raising money through fundraisers and sponsorship and designing and manufacturing a car. 

Do you keep losing your jewellery? ACRUX Racing are selling Jewellery Holders that are the perfect gift for Christmas or for yourself! 

Order them now using this link:

School Student Broadband Initiative

The Australian Government has established the School Student Broadband Initiative (SSBI) to provide free home internet for one year for up to 30,000 unconnected families with school age students, creating an opportunity for students to access fast and reliable broadband internet at home. Research shows that children who can access online learning as part of their education are more likely to be engaged in classroom activities and have better educational experiences and opportunities.

nbn is leading implementation of this initiative and to date has been working closely with nominating organisations such as education authorities, national charities and community organisations who identify and nominate students and families who could benefit from the SSBI.

Access to the Australian Government SSBI is now easier for families, with the launch of the new National Referral Centre (NRC).

To be eligible, a family must have a child living at home that is enrolled in an Australian school, have no active broadband service over the nbn network, and live in a premises where they can access a standard nbn service. Families must not have had an active nbn connection during the previous 14 days.

Families can contact the NRC directly to check their eligibility and be supported to access the one year of free home broadband, rather than relying on being identified by a nominating organisation.

Help spread the word

The SSBI program is primarily intended as an affordability measure to help those with school-aged children who may be experiencing financial hardship. If you know someone who may be eligible for the SSBI, please help us to spread the word and share these three simple steps:

  1. Contact the National Referral Centre on 1800 954 610 (Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm AEDT), or by visiting the website: Call back and webchat functions are also available via the website.
  2. Eligibility check – the National Referral Centre team will assess the family’s eligibility by checking their residential address and asking some questions to determine if the family meets the Government’s eligibility criteria.
  3. If eligible, a voucher will be issued to be redeemed at any of the participating SSBI retail service providers. The National Referral Centre will also be available to assist with contacting an SSBI service provider of choice or providing follow-up support.

You can find more information about the NRC on Anglicare Victoria’s website available here: Student Internet Program - Anglicare Victoria

We believe in a culture of achievement in a respectful and rigorous learning environment