Issue 2

Dear parents/caregivers,

Welcome to the second edition of the 2024 newsletter. After a very hectic start to the year, the students have settled down into the school routines, continuing to engage with their learning.

Farewell to Mr Michael Hillier
It is with sadness that we bid farewell to our colleague and teacher who recently passed away. Despite his brief tenure of just six months at our school, he quickly forged meaningful and positive relationships with both colleagues and students alike. His caring demeanour and passion for teaching were evident to all who knew him, and he exuded a genuine love for being in the classroom. His absence will be deeply felt within our school community. We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time.

Open Evening
A highlight for our school community was our school's "Open Evening." Students and teachers showcased their work, demonstrating the exceptional standards upheld at our school. Many prospective parents expressed their admiration for what they witnessed and inquired about the process to enrol their child at our school. A very big thank you to all the staff and student helpers for their outstanding contributions

Learning improvement
This year teachers are working towards two overarching goals: —increasing achievement in reading and writing, and fostering effective learners through a culture of agency and wellbeing—teachers are leveraging the newly constructed Pedagogical framework with strategic precision. Utilizing the action research cycle as their guiding compass, they are delving into the diverse elements of the framework, exploring methodologies, and instructional strategies to tailor their approach to the specific needs of their students.

Attendance to school
A friendly reminder to all parents: please informs the school when your child is absent and provide a reason for the absence. Regular attendance at school is essential for learning as it ensures students have consistent access to instruction, peer interaction, and vital resources. Each day in the classroom presents opportunities for discovery, collaboration, and growth. Regular absences from school hinder students' learning and can impact their academic achievement. Additionally, consistent attendance instils vital habits of responsibility, punctuality, and commitment—qualities critical for success in both school and life. I encourage parents who are concerned about their child's absence from school to contact the relevant year-level leader or student counsellor to discuss their concerns and work together to improve attendance.

Drop off at school
A heartfelt thank you to all parents who are diligently adhering to our request to drop off students at the gate instead of driving through the school grounds. Your cooperation greatly minimizes the risk of accidents and ensures the safety of our students. We implore all parents to follow suit and continue prioritizing safety by utilizing the designated drop-off areas. Together, we can create a secure environment for our children to thrive.

Ms Joanne Costa

Sports Day

Sports day this Monday 18th March! Day starts at 7:30am to 2pm.

For more information please follow the link.

Road Safety Program

Get Home Safe Driver Safety Student Session 

In Week 3, Year 10 students attended the Get Home Safe Driver Safety session. This involved a VR driving experience where we were told how to be aware of danger while driving, what hazards we should be aware of while driving and how to drive while preparing to stop. He also told us stories of what could happen if you don’t make the right decisions while driving. These are things like drinking and driving or using your phone. He told us of the ‘four second rule’, where we had to imagine that what would happen if you got yourself in a car accident and what would it look like when the police take the death note to your family. The first second you imagine the police going to your door, the next second is your parents reactions, the third second is your parents tells siblings and the forth is them having to tell everyone else they know about your death and what this would be like for all involved. 

Half way through the presentation, one student was asked to drive the car in VR but with the real car pedals and steering wheel. I was the student who got to drive the car. After I sat in the car, I was given three scenarios where the first one was to drive the car normally and follow the hazards on the road. I completed the first one with no hesitation. In the second one, I had to remember to stop while driving. In that scenario, I drove the car and there was a kid that randomly ran out on the road, I managed to brake and stop the car without hitting them. I completed the second successfully too. In the last one, I had to use my phone while driving. I had to write my name and the suburb I live in. I was driving perfectly until the instructor gave me the phone and I had to write my information. My car drifted out to the other lanes, and I crashed into the pedestrians. This experience so clearly showed why not to use your phone or anything else that can get us distracted easily while driving.  

Yuvraj Yuvraj
Year 10 Student 

Year 10 Road Safety Evening Session 

On the Wednesday the 14th of February I attended a Get Home Safe driver program with my Mum. It was a way for our parents to get educated on how to safely teach their year 10 children how to drive when they get their Ls. He started off by making sure the parents who attended the night were educated themself by going through some give way questions, luckily all the parents got most of the questions right. 
The presenter, Darren, spoke about how it’s important to make sure that the car our parents are teaching us in is safe enough to keep us safe if we crash while learning. Every car has a safety rating between 1-5 stars. It is recommended not letting young drivers drive in anything below a 3 star rating because cars below that won’t protect our heads, legs and chest in the event of a crash. 
Darren highlighted the importance of not going with the cheap option for a driving instructor. He encouraged everyone to use an instructor who was willing to be transparent and have parents involved in the lesson, one who is willing to give feedback on what to work on between lessons and someone who isn’t going to cut corners. Young drivers only get the chance to learn to drive once so you want this to be set up as safely as possible. Darren let us know that 70% of crashes are caused by mistakes so it is important we do whatever we can to prepare ourselves properly for driving and reduce these mistakes to make the roads safer for all. 
Both mum and I found this session a very informative and educational one to help make sure we are safe on the roads, particularly while on L and P plates. 

Harry Sheldrick 
Year 10 Student 

Thank you to Fast Cats Racing, the group that supports Pedal Prix at Modbury as they were able to support the driver education program by providing a shade to ensure the students were out of the sun.

Student Voice Council

On Monday of Week 5 we had our SVC Assembly where 73 students were inaugurated into our Student Voice Council for 2024. SVC offers students the opportunity to be involved in the decisions relating to the future growth and development of the school. Student input into our school is very important and we are excited to have so many students who are keen to create positive change. In the past, SVC have organised events, fundraisers, and improvements in student facilities, for example, the chilled water fountains throughout the school. SVC works to make improvements for the students here at MHS, as well as giving back to our local community through charity events. At our assembly, we were lucky enough to have Mr Ryan McMahon, the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Tea Tree Gully, give a speech about leadership, the importance of being an elected representative and working as a team to create positive change.

During week 6 we held our annual SVC Congress where elected members spent the day getting to know each other and setting some goals for what they want to achieve for 2024. Between further facilities upgrades, developing school and community relationships and some exciting events, this year’s SVC has some big and exciting plans in the works. Watch this space!

Ms Casey Rendell
Assistant Principal

farewell Steven Collings

It is with sadness that we share the recent passing of retired Visual Arts teacher and Coordinator Steven Collings. Mr Collings was on staff at Modbury High School for many years and he will be remembered for sharing his passion for The Arts with his students.

Open Evening

Open Evening was a big success! There was lots of new faces who came out to see Modbury High School in action! Big thank you to all our staff and students who helped make it a wonderful night and helped showcased our amazing school.

Qkr! app

The Android Phone issue has now been resolved, parents/users can now download the App from the Google Play Store.

Follow the link for a 'How to Guide' and links to the app store.

uniform shop campbelltown

The Campbelltown School Uniform Shop will be closed for Easter long weekend, 29th March to the1st April and Re-opening Tuesday 2nd April at 1pm.

Please make sure you book an appointment to buy and try on uniforms.

PK Café Donations 

Purruna Kuu, Modbury High School’s wellbeing space, is the home of the PK Café where staff can get barista style coffee. The space so often assists in supporting the wellbeing of our students so we love that the space can also help boost the wellbeing of our staff through a delicious caffeine hit. Students can also be trained on the coffee machine and serve our staff which increases the connections in our school community. 

Currently Integrated Learning students are writing letters to local businesses to gain donations for our café. This task is not only increasing their literacy skill and business exposure and awareness but also assisting them in contributing to the school community. The donations will mean that more of the money raised by staff buying coffee cards can go toward wellbeing programs and initiatives. 

Dieter Ratzmer has been successful in his letter to ‘For Love of Coffee’ Café on Gilbert Street with 2 bags of beans being donated. Alanna Wittmann has also been successful in her letter to Kmart and her hope for PK Café to be more sustainable and rely less on disposable coffee cups. Firle Kmart have so generously designed and donated a set of mugs for the café. We are very grateful for our donations and the students have been getting so much out of the experience. 

If you know of any businesses who might be willing to donate, or suggestions of places our students could write to, please contact Lauren Freeth at and we will gladly make the most of your suggestion. We will advertise all companies who donate and make sure people know of their generosity in supporting the wellbeing initiatives and programs at Modbury High School. 

Ms Freeth
Year 9/10 Leader

Basketball holiday sessions


Modbury High School’s basketball specialist teacher, Riley Harrap, is offering 2 free basketball sessions over the term 1 school holidays. The clinics are available for all students currently studying in year 5 or 6. The sessions will provide an opportunity to see how basketball specialist is taught at Modbury High School and what the program offers.

To register your interest, please use the link below:
For more information, contact Riley Harrap at

Pedal Prix - velodrome

What an amazing day it was at the recent Velodrome experience hosted by Fast Cats Racing! Modbury High School saw twenty of our wonderful students to the track, many of whom were experiencing the thrill of riding a trike for the first time. And boy, did they love it! It was so heartwarming to see the joy and excitement on their faces as they zoomed around the track. Some were having such a great time that they didn't want to get out! 

The Velodrome experience was not only a fun day out for the students but also a valuable opportunity for them to try something new, challenge themselves, and work on their cycling skills. It was a great way for them to build confidence, teamwork, and sportsmanship while enjoying the exhilarating world of Pedal Prix. 

A big thank you to Fast Cats Racing for hosting such a fantastic event and providing a safe and exciting environment for the students to explore the world of trike racing. The experience undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the students, sparking a newfound love for Pedal Prix and leaving them eager for more racing adventures.  

Our Pedal Prix riders are gearing up for an adrenaline-pumping experience at the upcoming UniSA Australian HPV Super Series season opener race at McNamara Park in Mount Gambier! On Saturday, March 16th, 26 riders over four teams will be hitting the 2.4km track at McNamara Park for an exhilarating 8-hour race. The teams are excited to showcase their skills, speed, and teamwork as they take on the challenges of the closed-circuit motorcycle racetrack, filled with fast straights, sweeping bends and technical uphill and downhill sections. 

This event marks the beginning of an exciting season for Modbury High School's Pedal Prix teams. With so many new riders joining the squad and others continuing with Pedal Prix again this year, we’re looking forward to forging bonds, pushing our limits, and creating unforgettable memories together. We can expect to see some exciting racing action as teams vie for the top spot on the podium... and more than likely an exciting crash or two! 

Pedal Prix isn’t just for elite athletes – teams of all skill levels are welcome to participate. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or someone looking to try something new, Pedal Prix offers a fun and challenging experience for everyone. 

If you’re interested in Pedal Prix at Modbury High School, get in touch with Jess at

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