Dear Parents / Caregivers

I hope the start of term 3 finds you well. As we embark on a brand-new term, I extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you and especially to our new parents and host families for our international students.

Term 3 brings with it a sense of renewal and enthusiasm. It's a time when our students, teachers, and staff come together to continue shaping our students’ learning experiences. I am excited to share some of the events which have already taken place and a number of upcoming events.

Student Free Day

Our Student Free Day, which took place on the first day of term 3, was organised into two sessions. In our first session teachers, supported by Dr Swati Phatak, dedicated their efforts to the completion of the National Consistency Data collection and the formulation of One Plan for several students. During our second session, under the leadership of Matt Krieg and Lauren Freeth, teachers worked collaboratively to identify challenges and propose possible solutions. This work is intended to further reinforce the establishment of a school culture that fosters the wellbeing of both students and teachers. Consequently, this approach aims to cultivate higher levels of student engagement and academic achievement.


On Saturday 30 July, a highly excited group of students boarded a bus bound for the snow fields in Victoria. They spent an unforgettable week learning how to ski, for many of them this marked their very first time on the ski slopes. According to the teachers who accompanied them, despite the challenge of maintaining an upright stance, the students loved every minute of it and had an amazing time.

A heartfelt thank you to Mr Read for organising the trip, and to Mr Bartlett and Ms Thomas for their support in assisting Mr Read with coaching and supervision.

Pedal Prix

On Saturday 6 August, our Pedal Prix students alongside Fast Cats Racing travelled to Tailem Bend where they competed in the 6-hour race. Congratulations to all the students and parents for their involvement and efforts. Well done.

A sincere thank you to Mr Ferguson, Mrs Gibbins, and Mr Gibbins for their unwavering support of the students, without their assistance Pedal Prix would not be possible.

Upcoming Events

Career Expo

We are pleased to announce the return of Career’s Day! After 4 challenging years due to the impact of Covid-19, we are excited to inform you that on Friday 18 August, we will be hosting our Career Expo. The event will commence at 9:30 AM and conclude at 3:00 PM. We extend this invitation to students and parents from Years 9 to 12, who have been thoughtfully allocated specific time slots to attend the expo. Our goal is to provide invaluable insights to students as they contemplate potential career paths.

Please see the flyer attached at the end of the newsletter for more details.

Parent Teacher Interviews/ Subject Selections

We wish to inform you of our upcoming Parent-Teacher Interviews and Subject Selections scheduled for Tuesday 22 August. For students in Years 7-9, the interviews will take the form of student-led conferences. During these conferences, students will have the opportunity to discuss their academic progress, the strategies they have employed for success, areas they identify for improvement, and their envisioned future goals. Our teachers will support students in their reflective discussions. Furthermore, students in this age group will have the pivotal task of selecting their subjects for the 2024 year.

For Year 10 and 11 students, while reflecting on their academic journey will remain significant, the primary focus will be on selecting subjects for the year 2024. Lastly, Year 12 students will engage in comprehensive reflections regarding their progress thus far. With the guidance of their teachers, they will chart the optimal path forward to ensure a successful culmination of their year and the attainment of their highest potential.

We kindly request the presence of all students, accompanied by their parents, during these interviews. We have provided instructions for booking interview slots in an email sent earlier in the term.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement in shaping the educational journey of our students.

Ms Costa

Outstanding & high achievers awards

Each term, the school acknowledges the students who achieve exceptional end-of-term results.

Outstanding Achievement awards are presented to students who obtained the maximum number of A grades for their year level (GPA of 7). The academic achievement of these students was recognised at our Outstanding Achievers Recess in Week 2 this term.

High Achievement awards were presented in the Week 1 Assembly to students who fall into the high achievement band for their year level.

Congratulations once again to these students!

Outstanding Achievers Morning Tea

outstanding achievement

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12
Sibella KastanosLiam HanlinAki SicoyEmily ZhangKahlan MashfordTara Barrett
Payton RichardsonJules SualogJess FreebairnChristopher KastanosJasmin AndrewsNyx Little
Armaan BabwaniDemi SniderBryce SandersAsha DuldigVaughan Stonestreet
Evan ZawadaHolly ManoelOscar ElderSienna Garstka
Gargee VyasCameron GreenHana WongAngelina Hansen
Liezel WongBrianna Mesecke
Danika LowJak Kastanos
Keilah Haldane
Names of students who received Outstanding Achievement certificates.

High Achievement

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12
Benika KaundalVivaan RajpalScarlett TaylorRei CookSarah CrozierYalarasey Sooriyakumar
Eileen ZhangTyler Gaskin-OsborneErika GriffithsMady SharmaAnton KastanosRachel Davies
Jack ClymaAva HuettenrauchSaarakshya SharmaBreanne ButtonLianna LineageMatthew Maletto
Joshua MerrettBrendan KeastPeter McMillanAmber HaywardQuinn DuncanTiffany Taylor
Chelsea GreenRoshani RajkumarIsabelle CoxBelle ParrishJack Counihan-AbbottLauren Edwards
Tiana ClaxtonNigel RabeEmily TotaniJordyn CookMadison BentonJeran Tiong
Kayla MurphyIsabella WrightAriel LimSiba GhamrawiOwen WytheVicki Rowe
Fleur RoweKaitlyn SollisAngelica LizasoSoheil HaidariKaiwen HeLydia Wighton
Rachel WagenerMatthew DoyleTom WhistlerImogen Janicki
Jacob HydePaige SharpeHannah LockJade Kolman
Sandeep KaurSebastian Aponte BustilloLily Grant-AllanImogen McNamara
Brea JijoLiam BairstowLeila SucheMia Ly
Fergus BellHasifa MbatuddeCharli HodsonJasmine Rega
Felix Brotherton-CollinsAmerson GreenAlecia Saldavia
Samantha HewardHannah MerrettCaitlyn Scott
Charli JuhlMika Osborne
Matthew GarstkaIsla McGraw
Alex DinediosKiera Evans
Abi CavenettTori Ashman
Kayla SkurrieCharlotte Bland
Krishea CunananRachel Burgess
Elliot Webster-BrownRania Saitov
Luke Haskard
Cooper Seaton
Louie San Gabriel
Ella Turner
Kai Goulding
Josh Stewart
Elise Harmer

Celebrating Ella Martin's Achievement in the South Australian English Teachers Association Young Writer's Competition

We are thrilled to announce that one of our talented students, Ella Martin, has been selected as a finalist in the esteemed South Australian English Teachers Association Young Writer's competition. This is truly a remarkable accomplishment for both Ella and our school community.

Ella's outstanding entry has impressed the judges, and all finalists' works have been forwarded to the distinguished guest judge, Science Fiction author Sean Williams. We eagerly await the announcement of the winners, which will take place early next month. The Awards Ceremony, where the winners will be celebrated, is scheduled for the 18th of August, 2023.

We want to extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Ella for her exceptional achievement. Being selected as a finalist in this highly regarded competition is a testament to Ella's remarkable talent, creativity, and dedication to the art of writing.

To provide further insight into her impressive piece, I asked Ella to describe the theme and inspiration behind her poem briefly.

We are incredibly proud of Ella's accomplishments and look forward to celebrating her success alongside our school community. Let us continue to foster and encourage the creative endeavours of our students, inspiring them to explore and express their unique voices.

Once again, congratulations to Ella on this remarkable achievement. We eagerly anticipate the final results and celebrate the recognition of her exceptional writing skills.

Poets embark upon a profound artistic journey in creating a poem, weaving together the intricate threads of language, imagery, and emotion to craft a tapestry of beauty and meaning. They carefully select each word and phrase to evoke a specific sensory experience and profound emotions within the reader.

A delicate balance between form and expression lies at the heart of this process. Poets skilfully wield poetic devices such as metaphor, simile, and personification, infusing their verses with layers of symbolism and depth. The careful arrangement of stanzas, lines, and rhythm establishes a unique cadence that resonates with the reader's innermost being.

Furthermore, poets draw inspiration from their own experiences, observations, and reflections on the world around them. They harness the power of observation to capture fleeting moments, painting vivid pictures with their words and allowing readers to glimpse the world through their eyes.

In this creative endeavour, poets also dance with ambiguity and openness. They leave room for interpretation, inviting readers to bring their perspectives and emotions to the poem, forming a unique and personal connection with the verses.

Ultimately, the creation of a poem is a testament to the poet's mastery of language and their ability to distil complex emotions and ideas into a concise and evocative form. It is a testament to their keen perception, sensitivity to the nuances of existence, and unwavering commitment to expressing the ineffable.

Through the alchemy of words, poets create a realm where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, emotions are intensified, and the reader is transported to a realm of heightened beauty and profound insight. The creation of a poem is an act of artistic brilliance that enriches the human experience and reminds us of the power of language to touch our souls.

A chill enters the air,

replacing the once warm skies.

Creatures settle down in their burrows,

making their beds and shutting their eyes.

Scarce are the sounds of the forest,

the snowflakes softly settling on the ground.

They fall from the sky, from way up high

and do nothing but dance in their minute-long lives.

Gone are the soft flowing streams and the fiery auburn leaves,

making way for a deep frost.

Take care when venturing these white wicked woods,

for many a poor souls have been lost.

Lost to the labyrinth of ice and snow

and the wayward tricks they play on the mind.

Winter is a cold-blooded queen,

she is beautiful as she is bitter.

And should the day come for her to give up her crown,

giving it away to the beginnings of new life,

she will go with a smile and bid her farewells,

lying in wait and sharpening her knife.

by Ella Martin

Mrs Palmer
English/EALD Coordinator


On Monday, August 7th, our Year 12 students attended a highly informative online SATAC (South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre) information session, setting the scene for those who will be beginning their university or TAFE journey in 2024 and beyond. This session covered the SATAC application process, how the university aggregate and ATAR work, the adjustment factor schemes (‘bonus points’), scaling, and more. Excitingly, SATAC applications opened this same day and will close on September 30th. Following this date, the application fee will increase from $60.00 to $210.00, therefore, we highly encourage timely applications and payment. If students have any questions or require further support with the application process, all information can be found on the SATAC website, or students can see Ms. O’Brien-Dent or Mrs. Woolford. Parents and students are encouraged to mark their calendars for key dates and stay informed through the SATAC website. The presentation provided crucial insights, empowering our senior students to navigate the tertiary admissions process confidently. 

Ms O'Brien-Dent
Year 11/12 Leader


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You can now order 2023 yearbook! It will have all Modbury High School Events from this year, including year 12 formal and the basketball trip to USA! Call our finance office and order one today!

Choir Workshop

On Friday the 4th of August, the Modbury High School choir and rock band travelled to Balaklava, to participate in the Balaklava Eisteddfod. Our rock band enjoyed the experience of watching rock bands from other schools, and our school choir did a fantastic job in the "Choir Workshop" section of the Eisteddfod. They gained valuable performance experience, as well as some feedback from one of the state's most talented choral directors and singers, Jonathan Bligh. The Music department is very proud of our students, and we hope to be back again next year with even more students participating. 

Ms Geszner
Music, English and Humanities Teacher

Subject Selection and Student Led Conferences – August 22nd

All students in years 7 – 12 will be engaging in Student-led conferences or subject selection interviews, letters for both of these have been sent home with more detailed information.

The booking portal on Daymap is now open and it is important that all parents book a 15 minute interview time in order for these meetings to occur, this is a valuable opportunity for students to engage in course selection and personal reflection.

Please note, there is only one booking per student.

All classes will be cancelled on this day however all students are required to attend their interviews, a staff member will be on duty in the Learning Centre from 9am for any students who are not able to stay home however students will be expected to continue with any previously set work as there will be no formalised learning programmes on this day.

The following outlines the process for parent bookings;

Mrs Brown
Deputy Principal

Wear it purple day

Wear a splash of PURPLE on Friday 25th August to show support for and celebrate LGBTQIA+ young people and diversity in our community! 

*This is not a casual day – students may add purple socks, and other purple accessories to their uniform. 

Ms Botten
Student Counsellor

Year 9 Student Conference Excursion

On Friday June 16th year 9 Modbury High school Spanish students went on an excursion to the Flinders University campus in Victoria Square (Tarntanyangga). The Spanish Teachers Association of SA (STASA) had organised a senior Spanish conference for student in years 9-12. Students from MHS were excited to attend the all-day language immersive event. Students met at school early, and we caught the bus into the city. We then walked to the Flinders University campus and were divided into our teams for the day. The theme for this year’s conference was “por un mundo major” (a better world) and the focus was on the environment and sustainability. Students participated in their mixed groups to identify the location of different geological features in South and Central America. Students spent all day working in Spanish on puzzles, sentences and developing problem-solving skills in their groups. On the way back students said the event was tiring, but they loved going on excursion. They have asked me repeatedly when the next excursion will be! Thank you to Mr Vu for also attending.

"The Spanish conference was a great learning opportunity. We were able to mingle with other students and native Spanish speakers. The students were split up into different groups, all named after Spanish speaking regions. We worked with our group to solve puzzles, we tried native Spanish desserts, and danced along with traditional songs. It was a great learning opportunity to get out out of class and into the real world.'"
- Jess Freebairn
Year 9 Spanish student

Ms Muggletion
Spanish and English Teacher

Modbury HS/Hallet Cove Ski Trip 2023

The 2023 Ski Trip was an epic week filled with snowboarding, skiing and lots of excitement! Modbury High took twenty-one Year 9 to Year 12s to Mount Hotham, Victoria during Week 2, along with our partner school Hallet Cove. Students had the opportunity to participate in a 1.5 hour ski/board lesson each day, before hitting the slopes after lunch to practice their skills. It was incredible to see the effort and resilience of our students, who despite some big stacks, got right back up and made the most of the trip. Wednesday night, the students were lucky enough to go night skiing, accompanied by a bright array of fireworks to kick off the night. The weather for the trip was impeccable, with Hotham showcasing some of the clearest blue skies over the snow-capped mountains.

Overall the trip was a resounding success. Many thanks to Mr. Read and Mr. Bartlett for making this trip possible. Stay tuned for some impressive GoPro footage of our students on the slopes!

Ms Thomas
HASS Coordinator/English Teacher

Pedal Prix – Tailem Bend-2.

On Saturday 5th August five teams from Modbury High - Cheetah, Pink Panther, Lynx, Puma and Serval competed in the Tailem Bend 8 hour Pedal Prix race. Many students met at school at 5:50 am and travelled on the bus, supplied by Adelaide Coachlines, leaving at 6:00am and arrived at our pits at 7:45 am. This was possible due to Fast Cats Racing people who took the trikes down on Friday afternoon to complete scrutineering and prepare for the race. This support was invaluable.

At the race track we finished preparing for the race. At 9.00am it started. All of our trikes performed quite well only having a couple issues with chains coming off. of rollovers. The rain came in 3 small showers which made the track slippery and a few rollovers and accidents happened as a result. The students all performed well even though some of the teams were small in size.

At 5.00 pm the race finished with some good results. All the trikes finished well with Pink Panther finishing in its category in second place and Lynx coming fifth, There were some new riders who were unsure about what racing required but they all rode well. The new riders improved as their ride progressed and those that had a second ride, showed they were learning and progressing. This holds us in good stead for the 24 hour race at Murray Bridge on the 16th & 17th September.

We need to thank our supporters and sponsors – Fast Cats Racing for all their work and tireless support. Adelaide Coachlines through their sponsorship which really helps with our travel and costs. Also all the parents and volunteers who travelled to Tailem Bend to help the event be a success.

Mr Ferguson
Tech Studies & Home Ec. Coordinator

Stage 1 Literary Studies: Immersing Ourselves in the Theatrics of Shakespeare's Hamlet

Greetings, fellow thespians!

Throughout this term, my Stage 1 Literary Studies class has been on a dedicated journey into the realm of Danish royalty, intricate plots, and intense emotions. Our exploration of the power of acting has allowed us to truly grasp the depths of Shakespeare's remarkable play, Hamlet. With its rich language, complex characters, and intricate themes, Hamlet has offered our students an enthralling literary experience.

As our students delved into the text, they unearthed themes of revenge, madness, mortality, and the complexities of human nature. Through close readings, discussions, and collaborative activities, they peeled back the layers of Shakespeare's prose and profoundly understood the multifaceted characters and their motivations.

A standout feature of this term's studies was the integration of acting to authentically capture the essence of Hamlet. My students gained unique insights into the play's themes and intricacies by stepping into the characters' shoes and embodying their emotions.

Through in-class performances and interactive workshops, our students directly experienced Hamlet's emotional turmoil, Claudius's cunning, Horatio's loyalty, and Ophelia's tragedy. This hands-on approach allowed them to engage with the text on a personal level, bringing to life the emotions and dilemmas faced by the characters.

By immersing themselves in the characters' emotions, students developed a strong sense of empathy, enabling them to appreciate their actions and decisions from a compassionate perspective. Acting out scenes encouraged students to analyse the text and distinctions of body language, tone, and gestures, leading to a profound understanding of character motivations and relationships. Collaborative learning enriched their experience as they shared interpretations, perspectives, and creative choices, deepening their grasp of the play. Finally, engaging in dramatic activities boosted students' confidence in public speaking and expressing their ideas, which is invaluable for academic and personal growth skills.

As we conclude our exploration of Hamlet, my students will carry their newfound insights and skills forward on their literary studies journey. The experiences gained through this immersive approach will undoubtedly contribute to their holistic development as critical thinkers, empathetic individuals, and confident communicators.

Until our next endeavour, keep reading, exploring, and embracing the enchantment of literature!

Mrs Palmer
English/EALD Coordinator

We believe in a culture of achievement in a respectful and rigorous learning environment